Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 20

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Happiest of Fridays, everyone! The team at Spry Digital is in crunch mode.  (And we don’t just mean snacking, though we do plenty of that, too. Carbs, holla!) We hope you enjoy these short snippets of water cooler conversation as much as we do.

Here are our highlights from the week.

In “not news” and also “should be obvious but bears repeating” info for Entrepreneurs:

We say this a lot but we don’t feel like we can say it enough – at least not until we see a real culture shift: Women are crucial to the success of our entrepreneurial economy. It’s why Spry actively encourages and mentors young women to jump in to tech and startups. It goes beyond a personal initiative. I makes good economic sense. Don’t believe us? This article lays out pretty succinctly why building gender inclusiveness into the startup culture is crucial.

News relevant to everyone’s interests:

This week, the Federal Trade Commission voted in favor of advancing a “paid priority” proposal that could change the way we experience the Internet. It’s conceivable that internet service providers could start charging web sites for higher-quality delivery of their content to American consumers. Imagine letting Charter or Comcast control the websites and content you can access. Yeah, we don’t think that sounds go great, either. Critics of this move are concerned that this could be the beginning of the end for net neutrality.  Read more here and here. Or check this out for a crash course in why net neutrality is such a big deal if you’re not already familiar.

Developers’ tips of the week:

To quote the author, “We live in a golden age of front end development.” This comprehensive article provides suggestions using Zurb Ink and Grunt to create lovely HTML email templating without a huge hassle. For anyone who’s tried to create custom email templates, you understand how difficult they can be. With the power duo of Ink and Grunt (um, would their celeb couple name be Grunk?), the workflow doesn’t have to be so painful.

And one more quick nugget for Devs:

Atom, often rated one of the best text editors, is now free and open source. We’re big GitHub and open source fans around the Spry offices, so this is exciting on multiple levels. Right now it’s only available for OS/X but they’ve promised Windows and Linux will be available soon.

Last non sequitur of the week:

George R. R. Martin, our favorite merciless writer who will probably kill you off before you’ve finished reading this blog post, recently revealed that he writes his epic tomes on a seriously antiquated system. How many of you young whippersnappers remember DOS? It sounds ridiculous, but maybe he’s on to something. At least from a productivity perspective.

That’s it for the week. Short and sweet, just like …something that’s both short and sweet. Ease off, it’s Friday. Our cleverness resources are critically low.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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