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We are inspired to make a positive impact for users, our clients and the community.

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Good products begin with good people

Our team consists of thinkers, makers and tinkerers who have an inquisitiveness – bordering on obsession – to get to the bottom of problems and create solutions that move businesses and cultures forward.

The relationships with each other and our clients allow us to dive deeper, challenge each other, and communicate ideas worth sharing. We embrace diversity at every turn – it ensures the solutions we devise and implement are thought through from every perspective, having a positive effect on the world around us.

Our core values

Learn about the core values that define us.


Want to craft your future? We are looking for skilled individuals who are looking to make a positive impact in the workplace. Visit our Careers page to learn more about the positions we are hiring for.

  • Sheila Burkett, Chief Executive Officer
    Sheila Burkett Chief Executive Officer
  • Ken Moire, Chief Strategy Officer
    Ken Moire Chief Strategy Officer
  • Julia Koelsch, Chief Technology Officer
    Julia Koelsch Chief Purpose Officer
  • Dawn Hieger, Chief Relationship Officer
    Dawn Hieger Chief Relationship Officer
  • Wayne Turley, Chief Operating Officer
    Wayne Turley Chief Operating Officer
  • Beth Gunter
    Beth Gunter Chief Revenue Officer
  • George Agathos, Senior Full Stack Developer
    George Agathos CMS Development Lead
  • Matthew Atkins, Senior Full Stack Developer
    Matthew Atkins Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Nancy Berrier, Project Management Lead
    Nancy Berrier Project Management Lead
  • Mindy Bollegar, Senior Full Stack Developer
    Mindy Bollegar Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Sara Breed, Project Manager, Spry Digital
    Sara Breed Project Manager
  • Posy Lou Henderson, Marketing Specialist
    Posy Lou Henderson Marketing Specialist
  • Eddie Fuller, Full Stack Developer
    Eddie Fuller Full Stack Developer
  • Nicole G'Francisco, Associate Interaction Designer, Spry Digital
    Nicole G'Francisco Associate Interaction Designer
  • Sara Graham, Associate Business Analyst
    Sara Graham Business Analyst
  • Heath Harris, Design Team Lead
    Heath Harris Design Team Lead
  • Monique Jones, Associate Full Stack Developer
    Monique Jones Associate Full Stack Developer
  • Dominic LaFata, Project Manager
    Dominic LaFata Project Manager
  • Lisa Liss, Client Success Specialist
    Lisa Liss Client Success Specialist
  • Lauren Marshall, BA and QA Lead
    Lauren Marshall BA and QA Lead
  • Stephen Politte, Interaction Design Lead
    Stephen Politte Interaction Design Lead
  • Phil Spakowski, Client Success Manager
    Phil Spakowski Client Success Manager
  • Daniel Still, Support Developer
    Daniel Still Support Developer
  • Christine Witt, Product Development Lead
    Christine Witt Product Development Lead

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