When To Invest in Digital Technology, Part 2

Sheila Burkett // Digital Strategy
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May 2023

Digital Investment Series, Part 2: Investment

In my previous blog, I began sharing some key steps we take in making decisions about technology investments for our company and clients. As you face these tough – and necessary – decisions in your business, it is helpful to understand the “why” of these types of investments. 

Continuous Technology Investment: Why It’s Critical for Your Business

In today’s digital age, technology is crucial to an organization’s success. From websites and content management systems to web servers and security protocols, every layer of technology requires continuous maintenance to keep it secure and up to date. The recent Southwest Airlines flight cancellations highlighted the importance of investing in existing technology platforms and keeping them current.

Let’s consider your website. It serves as the digital front door to your business, and it’s essential to keep it running smoothly. Every feature, functionality, or integration you add to your website adds another layer of technology to maintain. Every component requires regular updates to keep it secure and functioning correctly.

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One of the biggest challenges businesses face is keeping up with the constant changes in technology. To address this, continuous technology investment must be a part of any business strategy; it is just as important as investing in your physical infrastructure. By planning annual investments in your current systems, you can stay ahead of potential disruptions and ensure your digital presence remains secure, accessible and frictionless. Failure to do so can result in outages, security breaches or data loss, which can be catastrophic for businesses of any size.

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Sheila Burkett, Co-Founder and CEO of Spry Digital, is a networker, mentor, collaborator, philanthropist, and community leader. Her passion is helping women and people of color succeed in technology, in business, and as humans. In every facet of business and community, Sheila is a champion for helping people feel like they belong and can thrive.

She is happily married and a proud mom of three amazing men and two dynamic daughters-in-law. In her spare time, she can be found reading, gardening, and shopping for antiques. Most recently, she has been honored as a 2023 St. Louis Titan 100 and 2022 YWCA Leader of Distinction.