Client vs. Customer

Dawn Hieger // Culture
Dawn Hieger, Chief Relationship Officer

You Want to Be Our Client!

Client or customer? What’s the difference? Some people use the terms interchangeably, but there is an inherent difference that reflects what we do as well as how we interact. After more than two decades of working with clients, I have noticed firsthand the stark differences between the two.

In simple terms, a client is a type of customer who purchases professional services from a business. However, the experience goes beyond the simple act of purchasing. The distinction of a client is the focus on the bigger picture, not just the immediate transaction of exchanging money for a service.

Customers require an instantaneous exchange of something for the price paid, whereas a client’s focus is on the long-term delivery of value, regardless of the time it takes. This ongoing relationship allows for the building of trust between both parties, providing even more value by developing a deeper understanding of the business’s needs over time. Both parties benefit from the relationship, which fosters mutual loyalty and affinity.

Traits a client exhibits that can contribute to the value of the relationship include realistic expectations, trust in the expertise provided, and openness to advice and recommendations. In turn, these traits can lead to better results for the client’s business and a more positive experience for all involved.

At Spry, we strive to keep the lines of communication open. One of our core values is to communicate openly and honestly, and we find this transparency builds trust between both parties and allows us to gain alignment. Working together, we are able to accomplish our best work.

We are the experts at what we do and know that you are the expert at your business. By combining our expertise, we can learn from one another and achieve greater results. Included with our retainer packages is a strategy session that allows us to review KPIs together, celebrate achievements, and find areas for improvement.

With an annual client retention rate above 95%, we and our clients are committed to investing in long-term relationships and seeing results together.

We have clients, not customers.

If you are ready to begin a valuable partnership, contact us, and let’s start creating solutions together.


Meet the Author: Dawn Hieger

Dawn Hieger joined Spry Digital in early 2018 as a project/account manager and has focused on account management and strategy in the years since. She is now Chief Relationship Officer and part of the leadership team. Her role allows her to build relationships with both external partners and internal team members. Prior to joining Spry, Dawn spent over 16 years in the production and post-production industry; she has more than a decade of experience coordinating and managing projects.