When To Invest in Digital Technology, Part 1

Sheila Burkett // Digital Strategy
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May 2023

Digital Investment Series, Part 1: Alignment

Among the many tough decisions you face as a business owner, deciding where to make key digital technology investments is among the top three. As you evaluate opportunities to optimize your investments, when is it the right time to make investments in the digital space?

As a CEO, I am bombarded with many technology-investments options that “could” improve our operations, eliminate overhead, engage our customers, or bring in more sales. I thought I would share with you the key steps we take in making these types of decisions internally and with clients.

Aligning Digital Transformation with Business Goals

“Digital transformation” encompasses a variety of steps that can move your business forward, such as:

  • Moving to cloud-based technologies or solutions
  • Using automation tools to streamline processes and workflows
  • Developing progressive web apps to improve customer and employee experiences
  • Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve customer self-service
  • Expanding self-service capabilities for users and employees
  • Developing new revenue streams by leveraging ecommerce


While digital transformation is a powerful process that can help businesses succeed, it's essential to align digital investments with business goals. At Spry Digital, we use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to align our long-term vision with our short-term and annual goals. 

When working with clients on digital engagements, we start by understanding their business goals, which allows us to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help measure the impact of digital investments. This alignment ensures businesses focus their efforts on what matters most to move their business forward and help them grow.

Many businesses struggle with getting leaders to align on what problems they are trying to solve with digital transformation. Facilitated workshops can help all stakeholders in the organization come to a consensus on the right path forward. When everyone in the organization agrees on what is being done and why, faster execution and quicker adoption is possible. 

Digital Transformation Consultation

Are you feeling stuck creating a digital transformation plan for your organization? Need help aligning your digital transformation with your business goals? Schedule your one-hour digital transformation consultation with me today. 

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Meet the Author: Sheila Burkett

Sheila Burkett, Co-Founder and CEO of Spry Digital, is a networker, mentor, collaborator, philanthropist, and community leader. Her passion is helping women and people of color succeed in technology, in business, and as humans. In every facet of business and community, Sheila is a champion for helping people feel like they belong and can thrive.

She is happily married and a proud mom of three amazing men and two dynamic daughters-in-law. In her spare time, she can be found reading, gardening, and shopping for antiques. Most recently, she has been honored as a 2023 St. Louis Titan 100 and 2022 YWCA Leader of Distinction.