Spry Digital Welcomes Chief Revenue Officer

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Beth Gunter, CRO

St. Louis, MO, September 30, 2022

Spry Digital, a digital solutions agency, recently announced Beth Gunter as the company’s first chief revenue officer. Gunter has been a trailblazer throughout her career, leading teams across the country from her base in St. Louis. She has demonstrated the ability to drive growth and profitability by developing teams and creating a culture rooted in accountability.

“For Spry Digital to continue to grow, we needed someone like Beth focused on sales and marketing. When I met Beth many years ago, I wanted to figure out how to bring her into Spry Digital. Now is the right time for both of us. We are excited to have her as an owner and on our team,” said CEO Sheila Burkett.

Gunter is passionate about utilizing her leadership expertise to direct revenue and business development operations, with an emphasis on maximizing profitability and creating win-win situations.

“Spry Digital, led by Sheila (Burkett), has a great reputation in both St. Louis and nationally. I’m honored to be able to add my knowledge and brand of professionalism to a great company that has extraordinary opportunity and upside,” remarked newly appointed CRO Beth Gunter.

Gunter’s experience spans more than 15 years and includes Fortune 500 companies, government, utilities, higher educational organizations, and more. She has worked with C-suite leaders to create accountability for and personal ownership of their organizations’ results. As the leader of the sales and marketing departments at Spry Digital, she will focus on strategic planning, identifying and tracking key measurables, and reinforcing process alignment in day-to-day execution.

About Spry Digital

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