Women’s Foundation Names Spry A Top Workplace for Women

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The Spry Digital owners Sheila Burkett (CEO), Julia Koelsch (CTO), and Ken Moire (CCO)

Here at Spry Digital, it has always been our policy that doing the right thing is the Spry thing. Founded and owned by women in technology, we realized that to have the inclusive workspace we want and deserve, we would have to build it. So we did. And the Women’s Foundation of St. Louis has just recognized us for it.

Spry Digital was one of 16 organizations honored as part of the Women in the Workplace: Employment Scorecard Initiative. The honor recognizes employers who demonstrate a strong commitment to women in the workplace. You can view the selection criteria here: Summary of the Women in the Workplace: Employment Scorecard 2019 Initiative [PDF].

Spry Digital has developed a number of policies over the past year to better establish an equitable workplace for everyone. Most significantly, we implemented a new family leave policy which allows paid time off for both mothers and fathers.

Why does inclusivity matter? When you build a place where people want to work, you build a place where people want to bring their work. Clients want to work with a happy, engaged workforce. Create that space for employees, and you’re creating it for customers, too.

We encourage companies to review the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis’ 2020 Action Plan for Employers [PDF] and determine what steps they can take to become a Top Places To Work in 2020. Spry Digital’s CEO, Sheila Burkett, is happy to discuss with you how Spry Digital evaluated the impact of these changes on their business.>