Dispatches from the Spry Hive 2015: Week 3

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Those grey skies and frozen walkways mean we’ve made our way into mid-January, but we’ve got some good tidbits below to warm you up. Here’s our collection of timely hits for week three of 2015.


We begin with a bit of a technology “checkpoint” of sorts. According to a report from the Swedish communications company Ericsson, 90 percent of the world’s population over the age of 6 will have mobile phones by the year 2020. Think back to what you were doing at age 6, because we were probably playing with an Etch A Sketch and thinking it was alien technology.

When sports and technology combine, the results can be pretty powerful. By now most of us know that Germany won the 2014 World Cup Final. What most don’t know is how they utilized wearable technology to monitor players and make decisions about which personnel to use in their matches to give them the best results.

Revolution CT, SOURCE = Medical Daily

Moving from the combination of sports and tech to the pairing of technology and medicine. Some incredible images have been released by General Electric from their next generation body scanner showing various internal organs in high definition. Truly an exciting time for medicine.

Windows is readying for the launch of it’s new browser, which goes by the name of Spartan. Recently some leaked images of the browser’s design have surfaced, revealing some big changes. Noteworthy is a new inking support that allows users to annotate a web page with a stylus and send those notes on to other users. Expect the official unveiling to come on January 21st.


They say that an additional display can increase productivity by up to 48%. Duet offers a means to use your iPad or iPhone as an additional screen without experiencing any lag time (Mac only).

This week EFF launched their first-ever mobile app which alerts users to breaking issues related to digital rights. Unfortunately Apple devices are left out for the time being due to the inability to satisfy Apple’s Developer Agreement.


The Good: This week Popular Mechanics released it’s rankings of the 14 Best Startup Cities in America, and our own hometown of St. Louis came in at Number 1. Businessweek cited the local ecosystem which supported entrepreneurs more than doubling From 2011 to 2013 in the region.

The Bad:  Maintaining a startup isn’t an easy task, and no better is that evidenced by this listing of 17 startups that dropped off the map last year. Notables making the list were Twitpic, Rovio (the creator of Angry Birds) and Living Social. Yes, Living Social…We’re afraid that now you’ll never get that $5 for Ten Yoga Lessons deal back.


Just like it’s name suggests, Meteoric combines the best of Meteor with Ionic components and makes building cross-platform apps much easier. It allows you to build Meteor apps with Ionic with no Angular required. See it here.

Glenn Maddern wants you to know that Javascript is good, and wants to help you get excited about it. So he’s put together this amazing GIF beat-matching project to display new javascript ES6 features.

We end by extending a Happy Birthday to our object of affection, Drupal, who turned fourteen this week. And in observance of the past year, here’s a Drupal Retrospective 2014 to take-in.

Thanks as always for following-along with us.

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