Dispatches From The Spry Hive: Week 16

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During the sixteenth week of 2015, the Tax-Man came to fill his coffers, but thanks to the likes of George Lucas, Skype, the United Kingdom, innovation kept chugging right along. So enjoy this week’s Spry Hive.


Jumping right into the week, Monday the thirteenth saw the United Kingdom opposing an international ban on lethal automated weapon systems. How do you feel about the development of autonomous destructive robots (curiously termed LAWS)?

Self-Driving Cars


While some developers this week have centered their work around technological advances which attempt to harness and control raw power, others have been trying to work out the kinds of the relatively new market of self-driving cars. Unfortunately, developers have run into a sticky dilemma.

For those not interested in holding conferences inside of a moving vehicle or controlling potentially lethal technologies, a company named AIAIAI is revolutionizing the portable audio market. Apparently, their new line of headphones will feature approximately 360 different options for customization.

Tired of both cooking AND going out to eat? Look no further than 2017! According to Factor Tech, the company Moley Robotics is attempting to commercially launch their automated chef, which can prepare about 2000 different meals, within the next two years.


Alongside the never-ending advancements in technology, the sixteenth full week of 2015 provided plenty of news & ideas in the business world.

Most companies, especially start-ups, are looking to perfect and, for some, standardize the methodology and procedure of every process in their respective industry. One can only dream. In reality, it is easy to lose scope of every variable that affects the functionality of a company. Thankfully, there are individuals out there reminding us not to forget the things we’ve already neglected.

Do you feel like taking your criticism of an action against management even further? Then you’re in luck! Romy Misra wrote an interesting article this week, looking into the number of companies that have pushed for the abolition of management all together. Would your business benefit from implementing a similar practice?

Starting a new job and not quite able or willing to bring down the reign of management? Do not fret! Fastcompany.com has provided half-a-dozen tips for quickly assimilating into a company’s culture within the first few weeks.


Merging the two worlds of business and applications, Skype has announced that they are expanding their service. Marketed as Skype for Business, Microsoft has apparently found the software they need to get their foot in the door of video conference calling. Will you be giving their product a test-drive in your next meeting?



In other news, the medical market is being taken by storm. An app called VisualDx aims to provide an on-site cheat-sheet for visualized diagnosis. While hypochondriacs are advised to stay far from the gruesome pictures, the software promises world-wide utilization by doctors and parents.


And finally, looking beyond the seriousness of professionalism, we wrap the week up in a category of misfits.

For those of you yearning to, once again, jam out on your plastic rendition of a guitar, your wait may finally be over! Evidently, the developers working on the return of Guitar Hero have scrapped the graphic designs and replaced them with cameramen. How do you feel about playing in front of 10,000+ human faces, even if it’s in your living room?

In true American fashion, our week couldn’t end without at least a little bit of news from the world of Star Wars. Providing even more material for fanatics to hype and skeptics to criticize, Disney released the second official teaser-trailer for the upcoming 7th installment of the series. Is the series reboot living up to your expectations yet?

Though George Lucas’ only attachment to the modern Star Wars world is through living memory, that doesn’t keep him away from the major media outlets. Apparently, the seasoned director has begun the processes of attempting to develop affordable housing in one of the country’s wealthiest municipality. Let’s just say the neighbors and Lucas are by no means working together on this effort.

And so, in what seems like a blink of an eye, another week of innovation, advancement, and news is on it’s way out the door. While the sixteenth full week of 2015 provided plenty to forget, we can now see that the wheels of human activity & development are still hard at work. Keeping an eye out and your head down for the future development of self-driving cars and killer robots, go now and enjoy the weekend! Thanks again for tuning in, and, as always, stay spry!

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