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Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 19

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Welcome to Friday! Just a few more hours until the sweet expanse of time known as the weekend.

In case you missed it, many of the sessions from DrupalCampSTL are now online. Check them out! We’re looking forward to the next one already.

For some quick hits from the news, keep reading!

Security news of the week:

Friday, Bitly, the link-shortening service that many use to keep their shared URLs tidy (and to track how they’re being used), announced that it has disconnected user’s Facebook and Twitter information from their accounts following a potential security breech.  Bitly claims user information is safe at this time, but recommends updating your account to be safe and offered a step-by-step guide to resetting your API keys and OAuth tokens through their site. 

Drupal+Designer harmony of the week:

Sometimes you need to explain to a designer exactly what it is you’re doing. Or, alternately, you’re a designer who is trying to translate what your favorite Drupal Dev is saying. Finally, there’s a translator!  ModuleNotes is intended to give designers a way to learn about useful modules with descriptions tailored for non-developers.

WordPress “Why Didn’t I Think of That” of the week:

WordPress errors are the bane of many developers’ existence. Thankfully, some very analytic minds put together a fairly comprehensive spreadsheet that catalogs and researches the top 100 WordPress “Page Not Found” error messages and offers solutions for what they mean. The article itself is somewhat heady, but the included public Google Doc is a stellar resource for any WordPress developer.

Tech Innovation news of the week:

We love 3D  printers (what’s not to love?). We all know they can be used to print some pretty amazing things like prosthetics and bones, as well as mindless tchotchkes, and even firearms. Recently, a Harvard student theorized that the cosmetics industry charges “a huge premium on something that tech provides for free. That one thing is color.” She then set about creating Mink 3D, her own 3D printer that creates custom cosmetics. And it looks pretty amazing.

That’ll do it for this week. Have a delightful weekend and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 15

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Happy birthday week to us! This week we were thrilled to celebrate Spry Digital’s fourth birthday. Or is it anniversary? Birthiversary? Either way, we totally had cake (and the cake was not a lie). And beer. It was delicious. We’re looking forward to what the next four plus years will bring. It’s been a wild ride. 

Up next, the links!

  1. If you’re looking to improve your writing style, the Hemingway app might prove useful.
  2. The New York Times takes on one perspective of the culture that’s keeping many women out of technology.
  3. New top level domains are being made available if you can afford it. The Wild West of what’s after .com, .gov, and .edu.
  4. Most of the team at Spry are Game of Thrones fans, so Hootsuite’s new promo made us LOL.  But then this mash up had us ROFL.
  5. Speaking of goats, have you seen Goat Simulator? Be the goat. Blow things up. Bad goat.
  6. If you’re interested in protecting yourself online, here’s a handy Chrome extension that may help detect if a website’s been compromised by Heartbleed.
  7. A really popular Android anti-virus app has been outed as a fraud.


That’ll do it for this week.  Have fun and stay out of trouble (or at least don’t make more trouble than you can handle).  

Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 14

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It’s the first SpryHive of a new month! We’re pretty excited (and a little baffled where the first three months of 2014 went, but we’re not complaining)! National Women’s History Month may have wrapped up with the end of March, but stay tuned for more awesome things like the Red Chair Project.

In other news, you may have missed the Early Bird registration, but there is still time to grab your tickets for St. Louis’ DrupalCamp. We’re thrilled to be sponsors.

On to the links of the week! Ten links enter, one links leaves the SpryHive Thunderdome.
Just kidding. But that would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

  1. Reason #123,634,790 why great passwords and security are important: you won’t have to call the FBI because your site’s been stolen.
  2. Google ends Wildfire, the social media management platform they JUST bought.
  3. The ultimate in real-time crowdsourcing, see what people on Twitter are thinking with Qaster – everyone’s Q&A in one spot.
  4. Colleges are hip with the youths, begin using Snapchat. In related news, Snapchat probably no longer cool.
  5. Wikipedia unrolled a massively huge redesign to all of their sites.
  6. Speaking of redesigns, Spotify paints it black, focuses on album art and experience.
  7. Slick app, UpTo, syncs all of your calendars (Facebook, too)!
  8. About to pull your hair out trying to remove the background on a photo? Wizards use Clipping Magic.
  9. InstantClick is a JavaScript library that dramatically speeds up your website.
  10. We attended the UMSL Digital Marketing conference this week. As you’d expect, someone Storified it.

That’ll do it for this week. Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 13

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Happy Friday, folks! We had a visitor this week and posed for pictures. Curious? Read more.

We’ve been busy bees this week so most of our clickable tidbits are heavy on the tech details.  Hopefully, you’ll find something you can use.

  1. Another Javascript framework? See what makes Ractive.js different.
  2. A neato front-end trick using SVGs and Custom Fields in WordPress
  3. Want to level up your knowledge of Flexbox? The Complete Guide to Flexbox.
  4. Controlling image loads within your code.
  5. We’re big fans of Google Drive and were excited to play around with some of their new add-ons.
  6. Obsessive about your Android apps but wary about security? Stick with the Play Store to avoid Malware.
  7. More of an Apple person? Check out the move to bring iBeacons into the home.

That should wrap it up for this week. Get outside, make something, be awesome.

Censoring Ourselves To Fight SOPA and PIPA

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Beginning Wednesday at 12am, Spry Digital is joining Wikipedia and thousands of websites to protest Internet censorship. For at least twelve hours, our site will be “censored” in solidarity with those that oppose two bills currently being considered in the US House and Senate. Called Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP (PIPA), these bills threaten to destroy the Internet as we know it. Technology experts, including the government’s own security specialists, agree that these will not work and will put Americans at risk.

Fight SOPA

Fight SOPA

As web professionals, the way in which we earn a living and help other organizations implement and use technology could be severely hindered if SOPA is allowed to pass. Look for many other examples of protest against SOPA and PIPA around the Web on Wednesday.

[UPDATE] Lamar Smith, the chief sponsor of SOPA, has decided to pull the bill until “there is wider agreement on a solution.” Chalk one up for the Internet!