Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

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Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide celebration focused on the innovators and job creators who launch startups, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the founders of Spry Digital have decided to share something personal about each of our experiences with entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur, please add to the conversation by adding your responses to one or both of the following questions in the comments section below.

Tell us…

1.)  Why is entrepreneurship the right choice for you?

2.)  What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone considering entrepreneurship?

Ken Moire

Why entrepreneurship was the right choice for me:

Two years after kicking around the idea of starting a company and introducing the individuals that would eventually form Spry Digital, I can’t imagine doing anything different. Entrepreneurship is a calling – you can do all of the planning and predictions on spreadsheets, but at the end of the day, you start a company because you believe in your product, you think it will benefit people, and it’s what you have to do.

Entrepreneurship has been the right choice for me because at the end of the day, I know that my hard work has helped another entrepreneur, small business owner or nonprofit make a difference, and that provides a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction.

What is the most important piece of advice I would give to someone considering entrepreneurship:

Stick to your mission, and do not accept failure as an option.

Julia Koelsch

Why entrepreneurship was the right choice for me:

I became a software developer because I like solving problems.  When I was a kid, I was addicted to logic problem puzzles. My love for software development grew from that same desire to apply logic to solve problems.

Risk-averse by nature, I didn’t jump into entrepreneurship right away. But when my partners and I started talking about joining up to start our own company, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to help solve problems that face many smaller organizations. Working with nonprofits and small businesses is extremely rewarding because the impact is immediate and apparent. Starting my own business has given me the opportunity to use my skills and passion to help organizations who are equally passionate about their own mission.  Getting a business off the ground isn’t easy, but the rewards far outweigh the risk and hard work.

What is the most important piece of advice I would give to someone considering entrepreneurship:

Don’t underestimate the effort and time needed to start and grow a business. You often hear about “overnight” business success stories, but few articles focus on the amount of work involved in achieving that success.  You need great ideas and passion to succeed, but you also have to work hard to make your passion a success.

Stacey Lindgren

Why entrepreneurship was the right choice for me:

I have always enjoyed a fast-paced environment, challenging work and the ability to constantly learn.  I also liked stability though, and realized the risks of entrepreneurship. There were two things that tipped the scales for me when considering making the leap into entrepreneurship.

First, the opportunities for personal and professional growth were most readily available to me in starting my own venture. The risk factors inherent in being an entrepreneur only helped me be more fully committed to my goals. Second was the ability to choose my mission and drive towards it with a true and deep passion.  You may find another company that is a ‘dream job’ for you, but often you don’t have the authority to fully outline and follow your own path when working for someone else. Passion helps unleash the confidence in yourself, especially when you know that you are doing the right thing, for the right people.

I am rewarded, literally everyday, with the interactions that I have with my current and prospective clients. Knowing that I am not just doing a job, but adding true value to the world, gives me tremendous peace of mind.

What is the most important piece of advice I would give to someone considering entrepreneurship:

Think about your customer before you ever even have a customer. Understand what they want and need that they can’t get or aren’t getting elsewhere. I also recommend not just chasing the money of entrepreneurship. It may never materialize. Instead, follow your passion with intelligence and vigor and know that the rewards will be there.

Sheila Burkett

Why entrepreneurship was the right choice for me:

When I started my career, the company I worked for was very pro-entrepreneurship. As the company grew, I grew as an individual and leader. Along the way, self-discovery uncovered that my personality was that of an entrepreneur. After 21 years, I leapt into the entrepreneur world.

What are the common personality traits of an entrepreneur? MoreBusiness.com thinks a motivation to achieve, a habit of hard work, nonconformity, strong leadership, and street smarts are all traits that make an entrepreneur successful. John Baldoni wrote for the Harvard Business Review that three key traits of successful entrepreneurs are practical, purposeful, and impatient. In a Harvard Business School article, three professors discuss how entrepreneurship process can be taught. I find that I recognize these traits in myself, and that makes starting and running my own business interesting and exciting.

What is the most important piece of advice I would give to someone considering entrepreneurship:

I encourage anyone thinking of striking out on their own to really understand themselves, their support structure and their financial situation. The ability to motivate yourself is critical, but believing you have something to offer others is just as important. You must have the encouragement of your friends and loved ones, as there are times that self-motivation just isn’t enough. Make sure to have savings you can use without regret and that you are living within your means. My final piece of advice is understand what other people value in your product or service, not just what you think it is worth. Then GO FOR IT!

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  • I’ve always had the itch to follow my entrepreneurial desires and like many had seen things crumble, only to start with something new.  As was the case in my most recent (and most successful!) endeavor, the planets just seemed to align and there really didn’t seem to be much obvious “choice”.

    Why is it the right choice for me?  It has become the embodiment of climbing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with the simple and preferred things like living indoors and eating, and seeing the struggle on a daily basis for building something from an infantile idea into something that’s alive, growing, and can stand on its own two feet at some point.  It has been that catalyst that was required to bridge the theoretical 100/200 level classes in college into something more than pie in the sky dreaming, but actual, functional, directed reality.  It’s not just “talk” about creating jobs and opportunities – it’s seeing it on the street for what it really is, or isn’t.  It’s empowering and humbling.  It was also the right choice, the necessary choice, were I ever to become a true master of my own life.

    I’ve been at this for two years, and I can say this without blinking an eye:  We can make a LOT of mistakes in two short years!  Humans learn from failure, however, if they really pay attention to what went wrong.  Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t work out right, figure out what you’re to learn from it and grow.  That being said, recognize also that you must now be GIVEN OVER to your growth.  There really aren’t days off, and there will be LONG hours when you decide to cut the cord and jump out on your own.

    Never wall yourself off from the council of the wise.  And never give up!

    Dustin Decker – President
    1 On 1 Communications LLC

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    • Stacey Lindgren

      Dustin, I am a big fan of Maslow as well. I really enjoy hearing from people who feel that there was no choice but to follow that pull to start their own business. Your comments on not walling yourself off from the council of the wise and learning from failure definitely resonate with me as well. I think that the constant learning is part of the ‘benefits package’ of being an entrepreneur. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!