Top Websites Use WordPress and Drupal For Content Management

Julia Koelsch // WordPress

While adding a new Chrome extension, I stumbled upon the BuiltWith Trends site. Their usage statistics caught my eye, as I was just at a meeting with ITEN St. Louis, discussing what web skills are needed in the St. Louis area. BuiltWith quickly validated that PHP and jQuery are very popular and growing in usage. I then discovered other breakdowns of the usage statistics, including Content Management Systems (CMS).

CMS Usage Statistics

CMS Distribution in Top 100,000 Sites

Of the top 100,000 websites, over 70% are built on WordPress and Drupal (both of which we use extensively).  Of the top 10,000 websites tracked, almost 53% are built on WordPress with over 20% being built using Drupal as the CMS. It is clear that a majority of website developers are relying on WordPress and Drupal frameworks to build the most popular sites. Business owners who are planning a new website should understand their options and think about using WordPress or Drupal for their future web presence. Many of our customers find managing content on WordPress easy to use. Spry Digital relies on the Drupal platform for those clients who need complex, role-based user management, donor and event management (utilizing CiviCRM) or have custom applications they want to provide to customers.

CMS Distribution in Top 10,000 Sites

The CMS Migration chart shows that 5.93% of website conversions are going from WordPress to Drupal while over 68% of all websites are being converted from a variety of CMS platforms to WordPress. While WordPress is a winner from a CMS perspective, we always encourage a technical discussion about required functionality, user roles and additional customization's needed prior to selecting a platform.

There are many other stats along with the most popular eCommerce platforms, email hosting, payment providers and search engines. If you like to know about the latest technologies, you will find this info interesting and useful! Are you needing to easily manage content or are ready to provide your customers a better interactive experience on the web? Tell us about your business need with our Engagement Planner to start the discussion on how Spry Digital can take your business to the next level on the web!