On Top of Things with Insightly

Sheila Burkett // Tips


One of the biggest challenges we all have is knowing what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. When working with partners or a sales team, making sure communication on client and prospects becomes critical. Contact or Customer Relationship Management systems use to be only for large companies who had big enterprise systems in place.  Today, thanks to the web, there are numerous solutions available.

Since the Spry Team decided to embrace Google Business Apps, we began using Insightly to manage our contacts, prospects and opportunities. You can even do simple project management with this tool. Some of the key features of this CRM are:

  • Automatic Address book shared with team
  • Email integration
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • User Permissions at a contact level
  • Tags to help group types of contacts
  • Tasks and milestones that can be assigned to team members

Other aspects I love about is how nicely it integrates with Google mail. When I am reading my email, at the bottom I have an option to:

  • Add contact and email to
  • Add it as a TASK
  • Add it as an OPPORTUNITY
  • Add a PROJECT
  • View Sender Information

The final piece that I think is critical, is I know that if I am not at the office, my partners can find out the information they need to keep the business growing. Communication is the key and being organized makes that so much easier!

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