Connect and Manage Contacts with Rapportive

Sheila Burkett // Tips

Anyone who knows me can attest to my network of people. It isn't so much that I go out of my way to meet new people, it just happens naturally in my day-to-day life.  I enjoy getting to know the people I interact with through business, social or personal activities.  As social networks become a bigger part of our lives and our contact databases increase, sometimes I find I remember someone's name, but not how I know them.  Rapportive along with Google Mail saves the day!

Rapportive Offers Enhanced Contact Profiles

First, a disclaimer. Rapportive only works with the Google Mail manager. If you are still using a desktop mail manager, I encourage you to think about using Google as your mail manager. You can keep your email address you have today, but read and send email through your old email account using GMail. The reduction in my spam is what sold me, and I was a die hard Yahoo mail manager user for years.  I can tell you that the switch, along with access to great apps like Rapportive, really increases my productivity.

How does Rapportive work?  You install the application and associate it with your Google Account. Next, you connect your social media platforms with RapportiveStep-by-step prompts will guide you through the whole process.  I connected Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with my account.  Once connected, the person's information will pop up in a bar on the right-hand side of an email.  Rapportive shows their picture, social network accounts, indicates if you are connected (or following) the contact, the latest email correspondence and their current social media status updates. Everything you wanted to know about the person in one place.

Rapportive and Gmail play nicely together:

Rapportive and Gmail Save the Day!

How can this help me? As a small business owner who is focused on growing my business, knowing who needs services is critical. Being connected to people through LinkedIn and Twitter helps me see what my contacts are doing and how I might be able to help them, whether through my business or through a referral.  Rapportive keeps me up-to-date without having to log in to several different platforms. I can even keep a private note about the contact within Rapportive for future reference.

For example, the other day I was emailing a mom whose son plays football with my son.  I noticed that her status indicated she had a new business and recently opened up a new location.  After a little research, I emailed her about Spry Digital and asked to meet with her to discuss how we could help.  I would never have known that she was a small business owner without Rapportive putting it together for me, and might have missed this opportunity.  This is only one of many ways Rapportive makes staying in touch with my network easier.

This is a MUST tool for Gmail users, especially those growing a business, looking for a job or just interested in connecting with friends on Facebook.

Let me know your favorite productivity tool so that I can give it a whirl!