Top Ten to Watch from the St. Louis Start-Up Connection

Sheila Burkett // News

St. Louis Start-Up Connection

The Spry Digital team headed to the St Louis Start-Up Connection hosted by Edward Jones on October 4th. Over 30 companies and 300 people attended this event that helped connect leaders in the entrepreneurial community to startup companies in St. Louis. The startup companies then had an opportunity to participate in an InnovateVMS VentureBounce, an elevator pitch competition. One of the event's sponsors was Innovate St. Louis. Through their two key programs, InnovateVMS and the IT Entrepreneur Network (ITEN), they are a driving force supporting startups in St. Louis. Innovate St. Louis has assisted over 100 new and young companies that now employ over 450 people and have a collected revenue of over $6 million. As an ITEN mentor, I'm proud to be a part of an organization making such an impact in St. Louis. The Spry team had an opportunity to talk to many of the startup companies at the event. We are excited about the passion and drive behind so many of these companies. Here is our Top 10 St. Louis Startups to watch (in no particular order).

St. Louis Startup Companies to Watch

  1. aisle411 Inc. is an app that helps consumers find products inside stores.
  2. Inclusion Sports has developed a therapeutic table game called BulletBall that makes everyone feel like a winner!
  3. A new web application by provides businesses a way to engage, learn and monitor their social media return.
  4. The online home guide, HomeNav, is an interactive homeowners manual and resource guide that assists with obtaining green certification for a home.
  5. If you ever received a ticket for proof of auto insurance, you will love PROOF. Rachel Hankerson designed the infrastructure between the Department of Insurance, Department of Revenue and the Highway Patrol to provide accurate, current and secure proof of auto insurance at all times.
  6. Security is the focus of Norse Corporation. They provide real-time intelligence on the most dangerous and high-risk IP addresses in the world.
  7. Stay warm while camping, watching your child's sports game, or when tailgating at the next football game with the Chaheati heated camp chair!
  8. Digital Media Solutions has a web-based application called VIVID Books that makes navigating and searching long-form instructional videos fast and easy!
  9. Edthena connects teachers to coaching anywhere, anytime.
  10. RollSale is a transactional social network for used car dealers.


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