Why Spry Recommends CiviCRM

Sheila Burkett // Donor Management
CiviCRM: An Open Source CRM for Nonprofits

Spry Digital prides itself in being platform agnostic, yet one of the programs that has earned our love and respect is CiviCRM.

When Spry Digital was started, we had a heart for nonprofits. We strive hard to build scalable, user-friendly sites that are customized to each client's unique needs. CiviCRM dovetails excellently with many of our projects and clients.

CiviCRM: An Excellent Open Source CRM for Nonprofits

From a business standpoint, we love CiviCRM because it doesn't penalize an organization for being successful. You're not limited by (or charged more for) the number of users, contacts, events, or memberships.  Because it's open source and maintained by a community of developers, you only pay for the services that you need - not what's bundled with a bunch of extraneous features and sold to you. Basically, it's a platform that listens and can be as individual as you are.  It's easy on newbies with it's intuitive interface as well as easy on an organization's budget. Because it's open source, the total cost of ownership over five years is lower than any other system making it the perfect choice for small and growing organizations.

For those of your more interested in technical aspects, CiviCRM excels here also. It's all about integration. It integrates nicely with the most popular CMS systems on the market, but especially shines in partnership with Drupal built sites. This makes the process of moving, cataloging, and storing online donations and membership management extremely smooth. Unlike many of the traditional CRM platforms, CiviCRM always allows you to own your own data and it's stored securely in one place. There are more than 15,000 members of the CiviCRM community worldwide. These members are using and extending CiviCRM in ways to fit their particular organization, but also helping contribute their extensions back to the community so everyone can benefit.

Small shop, growing nonprofit, or well-established organization, CiviCRM can be built to suit each need.

We're so invested in CiviCRM that we've built a constituent relationship management system around it, specifically for nonprofits. Expect it to be rolling out very soon! But in the mean time here's a sneak peek:

"Our mission is to work with organizations to advise, recommend and implement comprehensive, affordable and sustainable technology solutions that improve productivity, create a robust web presence and enhance the consumer experience. It is our vision that every organization, whether it be a small business, startup, or nonprofit, regardless of the size, be able to afford and maintain a robust presence and technology platform. We believe that when provided with the right tools and processes, the business can focus time and resources their goals rather than maintenance of systems."

Stay tuned!

If you're interested in how CiviCRM compares to other managment systems, check out NTEN's comparison study from October 2013.