CiviCRM Tips: Applying a Discount Code After Event Registration

Sheila Burkett // CiviCRM
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CiviCRM & CiviEvent

Besides offering a plethora of donor and contact management tools for organizations, CiviCRM is also a great solution for organizations who wish to have event registration on their site. One of the features of CiviEvent, a collection of event management tools for CiviCRM, is that it provides the ability to offer a discount code to your audience at the time of registration.

While this feature makes it easy for your registrants to apply their own coupon code, sometimes they forget, in which case it’s up to administrators to apply the code. Since this isn’t something we do all of the time, it is difficult to remember the steps on how to apply the discount correctly.

These steps assume you have Event Discount turned on in CiviCRM.


Step 1:

Search for the participant’s Contact Record. I personally use the search field in the top left corner, but you can find the contact record in many ways.

CiviCRM Home→Search


Step 2:

Click on the EVENTS tab.

Click on the Events Tab

NOTE: We have a client where we have renamed events to be registrations. If you can’t find Events, it could have be renamed to something else.


Step 3:

View their event registration.

View the Event Registration


Step 4:

Under EVENT TOTAL, you will see Change Selections. This is tricky to find as it is in the middle of the page.

Under Event Total, you will see Change Selections in the middle of the page


Step 5:

Click the Change Selections option. If you have DISCOUNTS turned on for this event, you will see the Discount option.

If you have DISCOUNTS turned on for this event, you will see the Discount option.

NOTE: If you don’t see the option for discounts and you have discounts turned on, then you need to make sure that the event discount code is configured correctly.


Step 6:

Enter the discount code and hit APPLY. That will apply the discount.


Step 7:

Be sure to hit SAVE after you have applied the discount.
The participant’s contribution record will now correctly show the correct amount that should be paid for the event. If they have already paid, then you will need to refund the participant manually or give them a discount on a further event.


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