Pint Size Bakery

With business booming, Pint Size Bakery chef Christy Augustin found she could no longer keep her self-made, temperamental website up-to-date, and wanted a more robust presence to help manage the shop.

Spry worked with Christy to determine the best ‘bang for her buck’ in regard to website functionality. Christy shared the most common customer requests from phone calls and emails to the bakery.  Solution: A beautiful design that reflected the playful, updated old-fashioned feel of the shop and lots of opportunities to showcase product photos were a must. was built in WordPress using a custom theme. Custom post types were developed for the menu (Eats) and Press sections to allow for easy, consistent entries. Spry also incorporated Instagram, their chosen social media platform to showcase photos of products and events, for their Gallery section.

Since the launch of the new site, Christy’s site has served as a resource for her faithful devotees and baked-good explorers alike. Her bakers spend less time on the phone and more time providing lovingly made artisan baked goods.