Coaching Coaches

To hear Bill Bommarito, founder of Coaching Coaches, speak, you instantly understand that he has a genuine passion for helping others. Bill’s experience as a former teacher and high school sports coach inspired him to create a training program for coaches that is designed to promote good sportsmanship and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved: kids, parents, coaches and organizations. Originally an in-person, lecture-style course, Bill wanted to offer an online, video- and quiz-based version of the course for convenience and to allow him to reach more coaches as demand for his services increased. He also developed a similar parent participation program, to help parents better understand how to support their child in youth sports.

To meet Coaching Coaches’ marketing and online training needs, Spry created two connected websites, both built on Drupal, to allow for hierarchical user roles and robust reporting functions, while still offering a user-friendly interface. Participating organizations can personalize/brand their own training pages, and add custom video content for their users.

Since the online program’s launch in of August of 2012, Coaching Coaches’ online program has been completed by over 850 coaches and parents. In late 2012, the ability to offer advertisements on the training site was added, and migration to a content delivery network, in order to accommodate ever-growing demand for Bill’s excellent training, was completed in Summer 2013.