Improving and expanding ecommerce translates into sales boost for telecom provider

Spry Digital’s user experience, design and build expertise delivers results for the telecom industry

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Maximizing ecommerce performance is what we do

Self-service ecommerce is critical to growth in the telecom industry. By lessening the need for manual processes and human intervention, digital buying solutions can reduce internal costs and increase sales, often exponentially. The team at Spry Digital knows the telecom business. And we pride ourselves on developing and implementing digital solutions that address the needs of telecom clients, and then some.

We have designed digital solutions that have helped telecom clients acquire new customers, retain existing ones and expand their product offerings. We’ve conducted stakeholder and user research to get at the “why” before we delve into the “how.” And we make sure our ideas work, by designing our solutions with usability, accessibility, security and performance concerns in mind from the beginning. Whether the task is a user-interface update or a complete build of a customer purchase experience, telecom businesses can turn to Spry Digital to deliver a thoughtful – and workable – solution.

The team at Spry Digital consists of digital strategists, customer-experience designers, interface designers, business analysts, system architects, web developers, and project managers. Working holistically, and with the focus always on the user, the Spry team delivers solutions that improve the bottom line through operational efficiencies, the addition of new customers, a reduction in defections and an increase in billing per account.

“What we get from an output standpoint and how we've grown—it's been a remarkable ROI.”

- Chad Neuhaus, VP of Ecommerce

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About Our Telecom Clients

Telecom clients come to Spry Digital because of our ability to provide unified solutions to the complex challenges facing businesses in a quickly changing landscape. Whether the client’s focus is on residential consumers, small business customers, enterprise organizations – or all three – Spry provides insights and strategies, along with design and implementation, that can take business results to the next level.