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Optimizing e-commerce to power growth

Suddenlink Communications

Woman at a computer browsing the Suddenlink website
  • Fourth-largest cable operator in United States
  • 4.6 million cable subscribers
  • 50 million global customers
  • $30B market cap

To review our latest work for Altice USA, visit the Altice USA Business Buyflow Redesign case study. 

Prior to its 2015 acquisition, Suddenlink Communications (Suddenlink) was the seventh largest cable operator in the United States, with more than 1.5 million residential and business customers. The company engaged Spry Digital to improve its e-commerce experience, or “buyflow.” Since the acquisition, Spry has continued to work with the newly-formed Altice USA.

Altice USA (Altice) is the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, providing cable television, high-speed internet, phone and home security services in 21 states from Texas to New York.

Services Involved
  • User experience design
  • Website development
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Application & product support

Mapping out a better online experience

Suddenlink engaged Spry to update and improve their residential customer online experience to make it easier to navigate, find offers and purchase services.

Suddenlink’s customer service division wanted to revamp the My Suddenlink customer portal to give customers the ability to easily review, modify and pay their subscription bills online. Another team priority was to increase content management efficiencies, including integration of thousands of stand-alone inbound marketing landing pages into the CMS.

Suddenlink also needed help hosting, maintaining and optimizing their "buyflow" application: a custom Angular.js/Node.js app integrated with their marketing website that serves geographic-specific offers to customers for purchase.

Suddenlink Web Properties

Unifying enterprise technology and optimizing the online shopping experience

Spry Digital initially assisted with the redesign and implementation of the new website. Working with Suddenlink’s marketing partner, Spoke, Spry developed wireframes documenting the content architecture, user experience and customer journey. The new site was developed on Drupal 7 – a robust CMS for easy content management. Inbound marketing page templates were developed for the Drupal site to extend the site’s reach and maximize conversion.

Spry and Spoke teamed up to perform multiple rounds of usability testing with real customers on the My Suddenlink property, shedding light on hurdles and developing interface recommendations to address those pain points while increasing engagement and customer success. Spry’s work with Spoke significantly improved subscription management and online bill paying.

With the Suddenlink and My Suddenlink web properties squared away, Spry took over ongoing maintenance and support of the buyflow application, a custom application built in Angular.js and Node.js that integrates seamlessly with the Drupal CMS website. The robust environment for this critical business application is capable of dealing with a heavy workload and thousands of API calls per day. Incorporation of Mixpanel and other network monitoring tools provides administrators essential reports while ensuring near-100% up-times of the buyflow application, vital to a company with millions of subscribers who expect 24/7 access and management for their accounts.

“I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed a team accomplish what you guys have accomplished. The massive amount of output coming from you is simply amazing. Nobody does it better.”

- Chad Neuhaus, VP of E-commerce

Suddenlink Residential Buyflow

E-commerce playing a larger role in enterprise success

Soon after Altice purchased Suddenlink and Optimum in 2015, the decision was made to implement the successful buyflow application across all Altice business subsidiaries. Unifying brands and user experience for residential and business customers was also prioritized.

Spry continues to align the Altice brands, digital properties, and applications and is currently developing a buyflow solution for their B2B business unit.

After implementing the industry-leading Suddenlink website and buyflow application, Altice saw an impressive spike in e-commerce sales, jumping from less than 6% of gross revenue to almost 30%. Spry Digital has since taken over management of the buyflow for, and are currently managing the design and implementation of a buyflow for B2B customers.

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