Core Values

Core Values

These are the values that define us.

Be Human

We work in the digital space, leveraging technology, data and automation wherever possible, but we are humans first. Behave humanely towards each other and the individuals we come into contact with on a daily basis. Each of us draws from a lifetime of experiences; we seek out the awesomeness in each other, make everybody feel welcome and that their ideas matter.

Nurture Through Trust

Trust is important for good communication and growth. Trust that others around you mean well, care about you as a person, and have your interests at heart. Be the unique individual that you are and know it is ok to express yourself in business and personal relationships.

Trust your emotions and intuition and don’t be afraid to share your opinions. We arrive at better solutions when taking more perspectives into account. Know that it is okay to disagree, have conflict, make mistakes and fail - the key is that we learn from those situations and help others learn from those. Make everything an educational opportunity.

Grow Together

We share our successes as well as failures with each other. Getting out of your comfort zone, and as a team, is how we grow. Acknowledge that what we experience as a team will help us weather future storms, make us less error-prone, more focused and more successful, all of which allow us to grow.

Don’t leave anybody behind. Lift others up with inspiration, empowerment, and knowledge. Be available for formal teaching encounters as well as casual teaching moments.

Embrace the unknown, and have a playful curiosity/inquisitiveness about what you don’t understand. Dive into problems that you’re not familiar with, explore systems you don’t understand, and ask to be shown things.

We are smarter and stronger together.

Be Bold

Make your stamp on the workplace with bold ideas and expressions. Imagine, invent, and innovate - The difference between competence and innovation is side-stepping the knowns, pondering “what if?”, and framing the idea with a well-planned execution.

Be entrepreneurial and build things to last. Imagine the best possible outcomes and strive to achieve those results.

Be comfortable selling your ideas to improve the product, the workplace or culture. Get others on board to make it happen. We want to deliver what is asked for, but we want to make sure we all understand alternative approaches that can have mutually beneficial outcomes.


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