Core Values

Core Values

These are the values that define us.

Spry was established in 2010 with the intention to make an impact.

Like many new businesses, we started with a desire to do things differently; to provide value to clients in new ways, build a company that supported and encouraged employees to thrive, and be a company that cares about culture and community.

With a clear vision, we have defined a set of core values that describe the ways in which we achieve our vision and our goals as a company. These are not just words on our website: we strive to live and demonstrate these values daily. We talk about them as a company. We reward and recognize each other based on them.

These are the guiding principles that allow us to achieve our vision fully.

Embraces Challenges and Learning Opportunities

The rate of change in technology is exponential. We are experts in the digital space, and we achieve and maintain this expertise by constantly learning and improving. We need to be curious, take on new challenges, and constantly evolve the way we do things.

When we do this well and consistently, we will make mistakes. Mistakes are valuable learning opportunities, and those who truly embrace this are self-reflective and grow from them.

Drives for Best Outcomes

We take great pride in our work, and the quality of our work drives our decisions and actions. We aren't order takers; rather, we are analytical thinkers who apply our expertise to our client's domain. But we aren't arrogant, so we provide options and guide our clients through the pros and cons to arrive at the best outcome.

Shows Initiative & Perseverance

In order to be experts in our field and deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients, none of us can sit back and stay within the boundaries of job description. Supporting your team, putting in extra effort to make it the best, stepping up to take on the challenges of the day, and doing what you commit to – these are behaviors that take our work from good to great.

Communicates Openly & Honestly

We arrive at better solutions when taking more perspectives into account. It's vital that we have opinions, share them with each other, be open to conflicting opinions, and have free-flowing conversations.

We have to trust each other to work together successfully and have open, honest conversations. Act in a way that establishes and grows trust: be respectful, ask questions, communicate your needs and expectations clearly, and really hear each other.

Nurtures and Lifts Others

Ego has no place in what we do. Rather, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness are front and center for us. As a hybrid work environment, we rely on everyone at Spry to help foster our culture. This requires being a participant and not just being along for the ride. We get to know those outside of our team, encourage and share knowledge with others.

We are smarter and stronger together.

Careers at Spry Digital

Make your stamp on the workplace with bold ideas and expressions. Imagine, invent, and innovate - The difference between competence and innovation is side-stepping the knowns, pondering “what if?”, and framing the idea with a well-planned execution.

Be entrepreneurial and build things to last. Imagine the best possible outcomes and strive to achieve those results.

Be comfortable selling your ideas to improve the product, the workplace or culture. Get others on board to make it happen. We want to deliver what is asked for, but we want to make sure we all understand alternative approaches that can have mutually beneficial outcomes.

Are you interested in joining our team? Visit our Careers page to see what we are hiring for.