Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Metropolitan Sewer District serves 1.3 million customers inhabiting 525 square miles of the Greater St. Louis area. With so many service facets and types of customers, MSD needed more than just a website. They required an operational hub which would allow them to educate and service customers, interact with suppliers and expedite bidding opportunities.

Spry Digital partnered with Falk Harrison to provide MSD with a powerful website built on Drupal 7. Falk Harrison handled the design and content architecture of the site and Spry Digital assisted with content strategy, user experience and the front-end and Drupal development.

Spry Digital set up a digital publishing workflow within Drupal that allows a central administrator to approve content. With such an important function of the site to serve up decades’-worth of documents, Spry Digital implemented Apache Solr to provide deep searching within PDF documents. Reporting provides MSD staff insights as to which vendors are downloading bidding opportunities.

Since the launch of their new website, MSD has expressed the ease-of-use of the platform, finding Drupal an intuitive system to add, edit and manage content.

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