Gateway Off-Road Cyclists (GORC)

Missouri’s terrain is great for mountain biking, and cycling local trails has become a popular social and fitness experience; however, the nature of unpaved trails is that they need frequent maintenance and upkeep. Gateway Off-Road Cyclists is dedicated to building and maintaining local trails and promoting the sport of off-road cycling. As an International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA)-affiliated club, they organize social activities such as trail builds, group rides, organized trips, and local events.

 GORC volunteer-turned-web-project manager, Matt Hayes, was already familiar with Drupal and saw the potential for his organization. GORC’s old site was visually outdated and not very functional, and memberships were managed manually by volunteers. Matt wanted a site that he could maintain and content manage, but one that was robust enough to all membership and event management, fundraising, and user-managed trail updates.

Spry built the new site on an Omega theme framework, and integrated CiviCRM for membership, event, and donation management. Memberships are now managed automatically, freeing volunteer time and expediting the process for members. Donations and sponsorships are accepted online as well. Drupal’s functionality was extended to allow user-submitted trail updates, with an at-a-glance view of all local trails to see which ones are open for riding. Sign in using Facebook OAuth integration makes creating a free account a snap.

Want more information? We wrote a blog post with all the details.