DISC Corporation

Converting paper to digital is becoming more and more essential. Anywhere paper records exist, the need to digitize them can’t be far behind. Enter DISC Corporation, a pioneer in paper-to-electronic conversion.

DISC originally came to Spry wanting a new website. Their old site was not easily navigable or simple to update, and the audience to which it was directed had changed significantly. With the advent of mandatory electronic health records, one of DISC’s new target markets is the heathcare industry, which was not really reflected in the old site.

DISC didn’t want to alienate their other client bases by producing a site that was solely geared toward healthcare, so Spry and DISC worked together to develop an architecture and user interface that clearly showcases their healthcare-related products, but is also general enough to speak to their other audiences.

The resulting WordPress site is mobile responsive and graphically bold, allowing DISC to highlight select images and text in a rotating slider on the home page. Using custom post types, we were able to dynamically link products, services, case studies and testimonials with other content types, so that only relevant entries show on any given page.

Spry also added blog functionality to keep content fresh and help with SEO, and used Gravity Forms’ Salesforce integration to capture leads directly from the site, ensuring prompt follow up and allowing for targeted marketing.

Since the site build, DISC and Spry Digital have worked on several projects, including building specialized landing pages for targeted marketing efforts, SEO and social media strategy,  and researching and creating an industry-specific marketing plan.