As The Book Professor, Nancy Baumann (an author herself) has been coaching authors how to write and market their books for some time, but realized it was difficult for authors to reach new audiences. She knew that social media provided a channel for authors to reach a wider audience – even more powerful, she realized that when authors share and promote other authors’ books, the reach of that book grows exponentially. That’s where Spry Digital came in.

First, Spry helped get the Bookarma brand off the ground with naming and logo development. We then set off to devise the algorithm that is at the heart of Bookarma. The formula weighs the value of subscribing authors’ social media channels, then assigns a karma score for every book from another author that they share. The more books that they share, the more impressions their books make to be discovered and shared by other authors.

With the logic in place, we then got to work on product definition which included developing the onboarding/subscription process for new authors and designing the user interface where authors would manage their own books, campaigns, and discover and share other author’s books. We also created a dashboard for authors to view the overall impressions, clicks, shares, and ratings of their book campaigns.

Spry developed the web application using Laravel PHP framework and hooked into a number of social network APIs. Spry Digital continues to provide support, maintenance and enhancements for Bookarma. Additionally, Spry has expanded the Bookarma brand into marketing pieces suitable for trade shows and other similar uses.