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Content Management

Adding and publishing content is central to any organization's activity on the web. Spry Digital leverages popular open source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress – and when necessary, licensed CMS like Craft or Shopify – to develop cost-effective, easy-to-use and scalable web publishing platforms. Our experience in content management ranges from creating marketing websites with landing pages that drive conversions to enterprise platforms with highly-structured governance and publishing workflows.

An integrated digital platform from Spry keeps you free to focus on developing content that hits the mark with your users instead of spending time struggling with a CMS. We are specialists in designing, developing, extending and implementing websites through custom module development, responsive web templates, and de-coupled, or "headless" solutions. 

Web App Development

Spry’s team of highly skilled developers can build an app to tackle any digital objective. We have expertise creating apps using the latest web technologies and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js, Node.js and React. To connect to external apps, Spry designs and implements application program interfaces (API) for seamless integration. We round out the offering with classic HTML5, CSS3 and PHP frameworks like Laravel. Whether it’s for a startup or an enterprise level businesses, an app from Spry connects business teams, partners and customers, allowing them to be more focused and productive.

Product Lifecycle Support

Apps and other digital products are the lifelines of a modern business. Spry supports digital products through agile management, development, testing, and integration processes. We use monitoring and analytics tools like Mixpanel to track user behavior, ensure high availability and scale as traffic increases.

Spry helps maintain and improve an organization’s digital impact by following the practice of continuous optimization, a well-documented methodology for long-term product success.

Forming and maintaining technical relationships with inside product teams, our product support has increased business and transformed organizations from the inside-out. 

CRM / Event / Donor Management

Understanding how your constituents interact with your brand is the first step in maximizing their engagement.

Spry plans the technology and database for your integrated platform around established organizational processes and activities to ensure every touch counts. Open source customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like CiviCRM bundle donor management, event management and email automation so crucial constituent data is easily accessed across the organization. Spry’s online CRM solutions help organizations of all sizes manage contacts and events, track participation and automate touch points so sales and marketing efforts go further.

Web Hosting & Architecture

The technology stack, data management and hosting environment affect how a company’s web products are secured, maintained and accessed by users. Spry utilizes a robust hosting infrastructure like AWS, continuous integration tools like Jenkins and configuration management tools like Docker and Ansible to maintain consistent, fault-tolerant hosting environments that maximize the availability of online product.

Technologies We Use
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