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Strategy to align teams and be the driving force for change.

Creating impactful change means working from the same playbook. At Spry, we are inquisitive problem solvers who facilitate communication, ask questions, conduct research and provide insights that align teams on a shared understanding of "the truth."

With validated data and a clear vision, Spry’s team of experts defines a roadmap for the digital solution, performing gap analysis along the way and ensuring every path supports the client’s business goals.

Our holistic approach to strategy generates more fully realized, engaging solutions and ultimately, organization-wide success.

Business Analysis

Spry’s experienced, multidisciplinary team takes the deep dive into the underlying challenges, asking the right questions of the right people, and mapping the territory with crystal-clear documentation. Our comprehensive approach and rigorous analysis of quantifying and qualifying data informs our clients whether a scalpel or machete is needed.

We work side-by-side with multiple business units within a wide variety of organizations – from marketing to information systems, private and public sector, for-profit and nonprofit, small and enterprise level – keeping Spry extremely adept at identifying, understanding and solving complex business problems.

Digital Strategy

Spry doesn’t help brands be more digital, we leverage the right digital tools to help them be more human. Our deep understanding of enterprise technology solutions, business intelligence, analytics, web development, app development, e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, digital advertising, search engine marketing and lead generation helps us to develop the perfect strategy to extend an organization's reach and influence in the digital space and convert followers to loyal brand advocates.

We also understand that technology doesn’t succeed unless it enhances user confidence and trust. Digital content must be search friendly, relevant and easy to manage – and accessible on any device. Every Spry team member is focused on providing meaningful digital experiences that are easy-to-use and intuitively direct and influence people.

Our integrated solutions transform businesses from the inside out, improving internal team effectiveness while optimizing sales and service channels.

Market Research and Positioning

Having the right insights means having actionable intelligence to position brands for success. Spry conducts market research, brand audits and product evaluations to ensure long-term viability in a crowded landscape. We research and understand the competition, know the difference between a shift in behavior and a passing fad, and assess market and brand impact.

When ready to go to market, we can help build the product launch plan, identifying the best channels to achieve maximum results while defining the benchmarks by which success will be measured.

Technology Roadmap

Knowing where businesses want to be with technology is only useful when there’s a detailed plan for how to get there with the necessary resources allocated. This includes understanding the current business environment, as well as the need or ability to support, serve and scale up a technology team. From planning and leveraging SaaS products to increase revenue to managing technology in the cloud for security and scalability, Spry’s custom technology roadmaps give clients the tools for success.

Our system architects spend time understanding the culture, processes, integrations and technology stack to create a phased implementation plan, taking into account budgets, delivery milestones, as well as documenting risks so teams can tackle them head-on before they derail any project.

Architecture/Data Analysis

Successful organizations rely on the right data architecture to effectively put the information technology stack to work. A solid plan for how data is stored, organized, integrated and distributed for use across the organization can spell the difference between a project's long-term success or failure.

Spry knows how to make data accessible to organizations for maximum security, scalability, effectiveness and financial impact – our decades of experience designing and managing enterprise-level software proves it. 

Performance and Security Audit

A web platform or application is the lifeline of a business. It’s an ecosystem consisting of code, internal and external systems, and user interactions, and the performance and security of that product are only as strong as the weakest link.

Spry performs detailed audits at every layer, including analysis of hosting environments, system integration points, user-access role requirements and user interaction. We diagram workflows and processes then system test against well-defined performance budgets and security requirements prior to platform or application launch. Our digital platforms are tuned to operate at peak performance with security in mind and are scalable for future needs.

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