Experience Design

Design for the entire experience

We design meaningful experiences that users embrace

When you remove obstacles for the user and enable them with tools to accomplish their tasks, the rewards come in all shapes and sizes. We take a human-centered approach to identify user wants and needs so we can design inclusive, accessible experiences that make an impact.

Customer Experience (CX) strategy

Creating a delightful customer experience means evaluating the entire customer lifecycle, a multi-sensory and multi-channel journey from pre-purchase to post-purchase. It requires cross-functional coordination of brand, product, marketing, technology and customer service teams to create meaningful outcomes for your customer. Our experience in each area means we can interface with teams across traditional organizational structures to gather data, synthesize information, create alignment and produce a plan to move the business forward.

User research and testing

Conducting user research provides valuable insights into users' behavior when interacting with your product or service. We can perform remote or on-site analysis to assess users' thoughts, motivations and needs. With stakeholder interviews and direct observation, combined quantitative and qualitative research, we reach conclusions about the impact of your product or service.

User testing provides on-demand feedback from which teams can derive conclusions about the design of the interface. Testing can range from a controlled environment with users interacting with low-fidelity prototypes to live A/B testing scenarios. The volume of data obtained from testing provides a high return to design teams and gives them insights into creating ideal outcomes for the user.

User research and testing services we provide

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User testing
  • A/B testing
  • User-behavior analytics

User Experience (UX) design

How do you create meaningful experiences with products that users want to engage with and not shove into a corner? You create usable and accessible products with the right mix of features and functionality that users find helpful. And you delight them with great aesthetics and humanistic touches. Understanding the values, motivations and needs of users is crucial to architecting an effective solution.

User Experience services we provide

  • Information architecture
  • Content architecture
  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • Prototyping
  • Design system and UI style guides

Digital branding 

Understanding how a brand elicits emotion with its audience is key to ensuring the perception mirrors the organization's intent and serves as the foundation of trust and loyalty. Our deliberate approach to design is rooted in having clear business goals and a rock-solid strategy that creates a foundation from which brands thrive.

Digital branding solutions we provide

  • Brand audit 
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity development
  • Digital asset design

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