Cheers to 2014

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Happy New Year from all of us at Spry!

Be grateful for where you’ve been, mindful of where you are, and hopeful for where you’re going.
Bottoms up! And cheers!


Dispatches from the SpryHive: Week 52

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Links are a little light this week since most of us are on vacation for the holidays.  So here are some things to distract you before you have to join in the family bonding with Great Aunt Rosemary who can’t stop pinching your cheeks and telling you about her gallbladder surgery (we know, she does it to us, too).

  1. Residents of San Francisco were ambushed by the Mistletoe Drone.
  2. The cutest things that happened in 2013. Even the most sarcastic person will say “aww” at least once.
  3. Web hosting from Hulk Hogan. “Get ready to leg drop your competition.” Not a joke.
  4. Prismatic for iOS and why designing content systems is hard. A great read.
  5. Why aren’t more women in tech? Great coverage from NPR.
  6. The Yule Log video gets the slick, behind the scenes Hollywood treatment it deserves with the director’s cut.  Don’t get burned!

We’ll be back after the new year. Until then, enjoy your loved ones! We’ll be back with more goodies next week.


Dispatches from the Spry Hive: Week 51

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How are you liking the WordPress update we told you about last week?  We’ve been really digging it.

We’re busy little elves – trying to cram all of our end-of-year work in to the last days of the year and looking forward to our office family party tonight.  But we’re already daydreaming about sugarplums, eggnog, and a marathon of Christmas movies to come next week. In the meantime, here are a few things that kept us buzzing and focused this week:

  1. A jquery plugin that selects the dominant color in a photo to create some really delightful adaptive backgrounds.
  2. Spotify makes their mobile streaming option free (but only for shuffle mode).
  3. Inspiration to go paperless: Per ounce, printer ink costs more than the most ridiculously expensive perfumes. Should we package it accordingly?
  4. We did not buy this. Promise.
  5. Twitter backpedaled on changes to “block” function.
  6. ICYMI: Google made some changes to Gmail that affect email marketing.
  7. Want to apply to be part of the first human colony on Mars? 200,000 people already have. Fine print: It’s a one-way ticket.
  8. No Internet Week, understanding tech addiction in the digital age.

Just a reminder: Our offices will be closed much of next week so we can spend time with our loved ones for the holidays.  But never fear! If you have a pressing Spry service question, you can always reach us at

Dispatches from the Spry Hive: Week 50

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It’s been a while.  It doesn’t mean we don’t love you – it just means we’ve been super busy! As you’ve no doubt noticed, there have been a lot of awesome changes around the Spry offices.  Trust that we’re still working hard and geeking hard, as always.  Here’s what’s grabbed our fancy this week:

  1. If you feel like getting Sassy, front-end developers, here’s some shortcuts for Sassy math and handy Sass organization.
  2. Cool stuff you can do with css and javascript.
  3. A browser based responsive drum machine. We’re gettin’ the band back together! Party on, dudes.
  4. Looking for a flat UI design? We think these from Designmodo are slick.
  5. Speaking of site builds, have you seen the new WordPress update, Parker?
  6. We are loving ish 2.0 viewpoint reszing tool. I mean, it has something called “Disco mode”!
  7. “MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER!” Well, ok then.
  8. ICYMI: Instagram announced Instagram Direct, letting you filter your shares as well as your painfully twee, ultra hip latte.
  9. The workday goes by much more quickly when you’re rocking out.  Incredibox helps.
  10. If you ever need a hug, look no further than The Nicest Place on the Internet.
  11. The latest trending links from Twitter with
  12. Half the office is giddy over the new Cards Against Humanity holiday pack. At least one of them got coal.

Don’t forget to be good. Santa’s watching.

Dispatches From The Spry Hive: Week 35

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Summer is coming to an end, and while we’ve been busy readying our new website and moving into our shiny new office, we haven’t been too busy to amass a collection of apps, tips and finds from the Internet, devotedly selected by our employees:

  1. What’s more fun than creating 3D objects using CSS? Absolutely nothing.  []
  2. HTML5 mockups of popular devices to showcase your work.
  3. Developing Drupal sites? Try this tip to save disk space (thanks to Lullabot).
  4. We love a pretty map. Leaflet renders beautiful, mobile-friendly maps with JavaScript.
  5. You may want to keep this Lego set for yourself (and away from the kids).  [Breaking Bad Lego Set]
  6. The future of IDEs?  [Light Table]
  7. Ever wonder what your favorite website would look like with a different font? Try TypeWonder.
  8. Have a party. A Maker Party.
  9. Man has put a rover on Mars, and now we can do this:
      Enjoy your Labor Day. We know you’ve earned it.

Dispatch From The Spry Hive: Week 19

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We here at Spry Digital have been busy prepping our new offices and website, but we still found some time to share some fresh links for this edition of the Spry Hive (lovingly selected by our staff). Eat it up!

  1. The Onion does a service to all and explains how they were hacked by the SEA. [How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion]
  2. … On another note, Onion developers contribute one of the most useful scripts ever. [fartscroll.js]
  3. Test user clicks on a mobile phone. Another helpful app from the Zurb team. [Plunk]
  4. Bing delivers five times as many infected sites as Google. [Link]
  5. A new front-end framework based on Twitter Bootstrap, but different (thanks fak3r). [Geo for Bootstrap]
  6. You want to learn JavaScript the easy way? One of the most fantastically commonsensical online books we’ve seen, with coding and testing built right into the chapters. [Eloquent JavaScript]
  7. Web comic xkcd is building something (a new frame published every half hour). Here’s a link to the time-lapse. [Link]
  8. A sneaky peek of our new offices in the historic Gate District. [Preview]


Spry Hive Week 12: A Spring Classic

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It’s time again for that sugary jolt of sweet things found on the web. Stuff your mouf full of Peeps and enjoy.

  1. Works every time. [Link]
  2. Turn any site into a maze that you can navigate with your phone. [Chrome Maze]
  3. Drag and drop grids are neato. There’s a jQuery plugin for that: [Gridster.js]
  4. Lou Ferrigno gives his body 110%, should you? Actually, an article about font sizes in a responsive world: [Link]
  5. The future of Firefox.
  6. Don’t look at this if you have a font addiction. You will want them all. [Link]
  7. Because everybody wants to create their own Mailchimp: []
  8. Look, none of us are getting any younger. [Star Wars Episode VII Conceptual Poster]


Dispatch from the Spry Hive: Week 10

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Back with a dose of splendiferous finds… Here’s what our staff have been talking about this week:

  1. Octodex, need we say more?
  2. The good folks at Thoughtbot have created professional grade learning tracks for web design and development: Learn
  3. The next best thing to working remotely (caffeine buzz not provided): Coffivity
  4. Good read for any web development team: Making Front-end Development a Team Sport (via Happy Cog)
  5. Sprechen sie Deutsch? Learn German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and English with your friends with Duolingo.
  6. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a shortage of developers. is on a mission to teach kids how to code.
  7. Raspberry Pi, because cycling and projections go hand-in-hand.
  8. Want to build a mobile app? Appcropolis can help.


Dispatches from the Spry Hive

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This is the first of a semi-regular series of links and articles that caught our attention this week.

1. We like HipChat a lot and use it as our internal group chat. Now we like it even better with the discovery of hidden HipChat emoticons.

2. Nifty list of .htaccess tricks.

3. There are tons of articles about how we all check email too much. But this article presents an interesting alternative: deep work.

4. This little tool is invaluable for testing responsive behavior.