Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 5

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It’s been a busy week at Spry Digital. In case you missed all the goodness that was CiviDay for CiviCRM, check out our blog posts. Also up for your enjoyment is our most recent case study for Variety St. Louis.

Now on to more good stuff…

  1. With all the chatter about CiviCRM, this CMS infographic was timely.
  2. For a budding designer or for the child at heart, a kid’s guide to graphic design.
  3. What startups can learn from post mortems on ones that fail.
  4. AppPresser launches first mobile app framework for WordPress.
  5. Shaking up the corporate structure to go beyond the profit motive.
  6. Our offices are split 30/60 on PC/Apple, but we all agree the 30 Years of Apple is a beautiful site.
  7. How the Super Bowl kicked off the brand storytelling revolution.
  8. On the correct use of “Super Bowl” (hint: It’s trademarked)
  9. Speaking of, don’t do this.
  10. Or this.

And that pretty much sums up our week. So put your feet up this weekend, have a brewski and eat some Buffalo wings for us.

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