Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 34

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Happy Friday and welcome to SpryHive – your one stop shop for all things shiny on the internet this week.


Bridging the gap between design and social, Paste has collected 10 hand-lettering artists worth following on Instagram. Lovely, inspiring work.

Speaking of letters, this lovely animated short goes through the history of Typography. It made us smile.

It should go without saying, but it never hurts to be reminded: ALWAYS consider the function and audience of your project when you begin your design. This artist’s work seeks to encapsulate beautiful pieces that are entirely, perfectly useless.

Social Media

NowThisNews, a news startup, is harnessing the power of the “of the moment” apps. They’re using Snapchat to disperse the news. We kind of feel like this is so brilliant it goes past brilliant into horrible and almost becomes brilliant again. Judge for yourself.

Your Twitter feed is about to get a lot more chatty. Taking a cue from Facebook’s recent changes, Twitter is experimenting with a change that will start pushing other people’s “favs” into your news stream as retweets. We suspect they’re considering phasing out the fav button. Given Facebook’s troubled changes lately, we’re also not sure if following their lead is altogether a well-advised idea.

In other Twitter news this week, every geotagged Tweet using the #Ferguson hashtag was collected and put on a map in real time. THIS is what viral news looks like. Rather akin to a nuclear war played out on the internet. This is the state of media in the 21st century and it is fascinating.


If you’re still kind of sad you never got that Captain Midnight secret decoder ring, we’ve got an app for that. Knit lets you and your friends share secret messages, scavenger hunt style, in public places. (iOS only)

Tired of looking at the Tupperware of mystery leftovers or wondering if you can eat that chicken without a side of botulism? The Fridge app lets you keep a tally of what’s in your kitchen and how long you have left to eat it. (iOS only)

We’re going to cop to a pet peeve. We hate when we see an incorrectly capitalized title. Like nails on a chalkboard, really. Who capitalizes a non-leading article like “a” or “the”? This web app lets you type in a title and applies the correct capitalization rules. Trust us. Let’s band together to make social media teasers grammatically correct. Change begins with us!  (web app)


What if Michael Bay directed “Up”? Spoiler: ALL OF THE EXPLOSIONS.

pear baby

You can buy pears shaped like babies in China. Pear babies have the most tender flesh. And now we’ve lost our appetites.

Aphex Twin announced their new album on the Deep Web. That’s more underground than underground.

Did we miss your favorite tidbit from the week? Let us know! Until then, catch you next time.

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