Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 32

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In case you missed our app recommendations from last week, we’re still really digging them. Added to the pile this week is Personal Blocklist – a Chrome extension that lets you block annoying sites from your Google search results. This week, various members of the Spry team had their own special geek-out moments. LEGO finally released the promised women scientists minifig set. We marveled over the aesthetic beauty and practical implications of this coffee alarm clock. And our Apple fan contingent squealed at the official release date for the iPhone 6 (Spoiler: September 9). Some of us even got to see Monty Python Live when it (finally) came through our fair city.

So, yeah, it’s been a pretty good week.


According to the Global Leadership Forecast, gender and generational gaps are more than just corporate buzzwords. Successful companies tend to have more women and Millennials in leadership. Arguments of causation and correlation aside, perhaps the strongest argument in favor of more workplace diversity is a broader variety of ideas and opinions. When you’re in a creative or dynamic field like a startup, that’s a crucial factor that separates the successes from the flops.


Copyright. Fair use. Creative Commons. Public domain. If you’ve ever wondered if it was ok to just right click and “save as” that cute photo of a kitty cat to use on your own blog, check this infographic first.

We’re halfway through 2014 and what better time for an analysis of the emerging trends in logo design. If you’ve seen a lot of hand drawn type, hexagons, and crests, you’re already noticing a few of the hot design motifs (but there’s so much more).

Bridging the gap between design and development, this slick website examines UX using Google Venture’s HEART framework to measure success on your own project. Who doesn’t want to build a site that truly answers what your audience wants from your design?


We’ve said it again and again, but learning to code not only benefits your brain, it could also benefit your wallet. Coding School graduates can boost their yearly salaries by 44%. Not too shabby.

“Off with their heads!” isn’t just for the Queen of Hearts. Drupal is quivering a little, too. Headless Drupal is totally a thing and some are arguing it’s going to be even better than Twig.


It’s been a bad week for internet security. This week, we learned that 1.2 billion passwords were stolen by Russian hackers. An Australian teenager (with an admittedly impressive history) showed us that PayPal’s security features aren’t *quite* what they’ve led us to believe. Change your passwords, people! You know the drill.

Social Media

We got a sneak peek of Twitter’s new easier-to-use hashtags. No more wondering what #omgwtfbbq means.  (Seriously, though. BBQ.)

Every generation has its hero. Ours has the Twitter vigilante. Distressed by the sub-par promoted corporate tweets, SocialLandlord calls out crap corporate tweets for the bad marketing that they are.

And if you ever wanted to make Twitter easier (say, for a story lead or market research?) you need to know about belong.io.  It pulls the best links and stories from Twitter to give you a leg up on tomorrow’s hottest thing.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

You probably caught wind of the weirdest Kickstarter yet. We love potato salad as much as the next person, but $55k is a bit much. Lucky for us, Kickstarter broke down the numbers for us. There’s probably some marketing analysis in that, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Classic reddit prank, Cat Facts, now has its very own app. Troll your (former) friends. Call it a great exercise in how to lose friends and alienate people.

A couple with way too much time on their hands has figured out a way to let their fish play Pokemon. It already has a Charmander, so it’s doing better than we ever could.

And in a mashup that warms the cockles of our dark little hearts, something that we didn’t know we were waiting our whole lives to see. Joy Division meets Star Trek. It is majestic.worf2

If you’re the type of person who loves to jailbreak or root your phone the second you buy a new one, take heart. President Obama signed a bill that made jailbreaking your phone no longer a crime.

Finally, because we HAVE to get at least one Monty Python reference in this week: The Monty Python guide to running a business (for entrepreneurs).

That’s all, folks! Enjoy your weekend.

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