Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 17

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Guys. Hold up. Tomorrow is DrupalCampSTL. How have you not grabbed a ticket yet?

We’re putting the finishing touches on our presentations so we’ll keep this SpryHive short and sweet!

  1. Have a Grunt Gulp down some Broccoli at Brunch. Or, how to give your CSS a spring cleaning tidy up.
  2. Webfonts are beautiful but also a little load heavy. A friendly hint to get your sites to load faster.
  3. Cagematch: Inline SVG vs Icon fonts.
  4. 30% of people already get the bulk of their news from Facebook. Obviously, Facebook wants in on that action.
  5. Lost Andy Warhol works found on old Amiga disks. Give that man another 15 minutes.
  6. Cookie-less, cross-device marketing. It’s a thing.
  7. The internet is going private and the demand for bandwidth is up to 138 Tbps. That is a LOT of LOLCats. 
  8. An attempt to create a universal icon set for verbs. What do you think – is “headbanging” a daily use word? We think so.
  9. The most egregious (and hilarious) misuses of quotation marks. Bad, grammar, bad! Go sit in the corner.
  10. Last week we brought you Google Easter eggs. This week, have some Chrome Experiments for your entertainment.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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