Dispatches from the Spry Hive 2014: Week 39

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Hey, all! First and foremost, if there’s one thing that has been the talk of the town this week it’s St. Louis Design Week. No other event gathers the likes of entrepreneurs, local businesses, nonprofits and students to put their heads together like this. Throw in some workshops, open houses, and “Crappy Hour?” There are still a few activities going down at various local venues through Sunday night, so be sure to check them out for all of the details.

Now, for some quick-hits on what’s got us buzzing in The Spry Hive this week.


Ever think about Googling what the most-Googled brands are by each State? Luckily you don’t have to do all that work, because Adweek put-together this really neat colorful map of the US with the brand logos to match the States who adore them. What do your results say about your home state? Well, if you’re in Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma they might say you have a lot of fun, and a lot of hangovers. And if you’re in Minnesota you’ve got a big Target on your back.

Show Us on The Trilogy Where George Hurt You

Star Wars

You know it’s a good week when we have a whole section dedicated to one of our favorite movie franchises. May the Hive be with you…

Have you ever really sat down and thought about the true scope and like, actual physics that would be involved for the Death Star to exist? Yeah… we totally have too. But what about all of the actual energy it would take for it to destroy, say, Earth, just like it did Alderaan? Well, if you need a detailed breakdown of the actual Physics of The Death Star (and of course you do), you can find one right here. And if they ever break-down the evolution of the Ewoks, we’ll be sure to pass that on too.

While we’re on the topic, director-geek extraordinaire J.J. Abrams gave fans of both Star Wars and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies something to lose their collective minds over when he sneaked a cleverly camouflaged Batmobile into this leaked shot of the Millennium Falcon. Expect Easter eggs aplenty from the new movies.


Imagine your phone “knowing” that traffic is heavy this morning, so it adjusts your alarm to wake you up a little earlier. Imagine being alerted that you just left a restaurant without your purse. Thanks to “Nearables,” these things and much more can be possible. Using tiny “beacons” that you place on objects and items, your phone or device can detect nuances in motion and proximity like never before.


On the Development front, take a look at Takana, a live editor which lets you see your SCSS and CSS style changes in your browser as you type them. It’s a killer tool, and one of the simplest perks is no more hitting “save.”

Coding can be a real demon, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’re loving Exorcism, which is a platform that provides a test suite where you can practice coding in a variety of languages, have discussions with others about the coding choices you made, and maybe even meet new people.


If you loved the Snuggie, the Muumuu (yes, that’s the way you spell it), and hate all of the effort it takes to put on a suit, then come a little closer. The Suitsy, or as it’s coined “The Business-Suit Onesie” has arrived, and it may just change your life. Just imagine going to sleep in what feels like pajamas, waking a mere few minutes before you typically leave for work, and never getting dressed. Think of all the time and energy you could save! And after a full work week of this routine, won’t your co-workers be impressed?

Finally, what do you get when you combine the performance troupe Cirque du Soleil with drones? A whole lot of awesomeness, that’s what.

On that note, no need to drone-on. That should about cover the coolest stuff for the past week. As always thanks for reading, and we’ll meet-up same time, same place.

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