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Dispatches from the Spry Hive: Week 34

Posted by Ken Moire & filed under Tips.

This post is part of a weekly series featuring the latest buzz around the Spry Hive.

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
– Tim Berners-Lee


The Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri School of Journalism delivers the scoop on malvertising and its affect on the publishing and advertising industries.

Custom Avocados

Custom Avocados is pushing the boundaries of corporate tchotchke. That’s expensive guacamole.

Web Design & Development

Accessibility Refresher

If you design and build web products for humans, then this article about accessibility design from the team at Vox Media is a must read. Slide show included.

Some friendly pointers from UX Thought of the Day about designing a better style guide.


Blackbox Shipping

The creators of Cards Against Humanity have started a new shipping company that “works like a co-op” for independent artists and creators to get the lowest price.

Nextdoor has tweaked its algorithm for reporting incidents that has resulted in a significant reduction of racial profiling by its online community.


The Revenant movie reimagined as an 8-bit battle game. Warning: possible spoilers.

NASA wants YOU to go to Mars. These official posters put the call out for teachers, explorers, and farmers to help inhabit the red planet.

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week for the final Spry Hive of Summer, 2016!

Dispatches from The Spry Hive 2014: Week 36

Posted by Ken Moire & filed under Tips.

Well, it was a short week for many of us after the holiday, so that just made Friday arrive more quickly. But hey, even better – it made our own weekly roundup of what’s new, good (and creepy?) come back around in a flash. So let’s get to it…


Now, how many apps do you have on your phone that could be deemed as “creepy”? Don’t answer aloud, because Apple has taken upon itself to target these by updating its App Store review guidelines:

“We have over a million apps in the App Store. If your app doesn’t do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment, or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted”

How’s that for some definitive parameters? So much for the upcoming launch of “Doggie Tinder.” Dog parks may now rejoice.

For those who always picked “Truth” over “Dare,” you’ll dig the news that Reddit has launched a new mobile app based on it’s extremely popular “Ask Me Anything” interviews. Now, as for a “Dare” version of said app – don’t ask.

Dev and Web

Think the value of documentation is waning and just want something you can get your hands on? Then you might applaud this take on how prototyping is replacing documentation in today’s world.

If you’re looking for a nifty way to test your local website on a mobile device or iPad, take a look at this method utilizing MAMP.


A recent ranking by Forbes placed SIU Carbondale on its list of most entrepreneurial universities in the US. This comes based on what Forbes calls its “entrepreneurial ratio” which it describes as “the number of alumni and students who have identified themselves as founders and business owners on LinkedIn against the school’s total student body.” Way to go, SIUC.

Another nod to St. Louis-based startup Pixel Press, which is partnering-up with Cartoon Network. They’ll be producing a create-your-own video game app for the network’s most-watched show “Adventure Time.”


Talk about a mirage. Raise your hand if you happened to notice that 75% of IKEA’s catalogue is computer-generated imagery? Gone are the days of CG being confined to things as trivial as giant dinosaurs and oversized monkeys climbing the Empire State Building.

Madden Glitch

From the realm of the incredibly-darned-cute, a spectacular new glitch in the Madden ‘15 NFL game features a tiny, tiny linebacker (1-foot-2 to be exact). But this kid’s got game! Does it make it somehow more perfect that he appears on the roster for the Tennessee Titans? We think yes.

That’s about it for this (abbreviated) week. Stay frosty.