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Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 34

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Happy Friday and welcome to SpryHive – your one stop shop for all things shiny on the internet this week.


Bridging the gap between design and social, Paste has collected 10 hand-lettering artists worth following on Instagram. Lovely, inspiring work.

Speaking of letters, this lovely animated short goes through the history of Typography. It made us smile.

It should go without saying, but it never hurts to be reminded: ALWAYS consider the function and audience of your project when you begin your design. This artist’s work seeks to encapsulate beautiful pieces that are entirely, perfectly useless.

Social Media

NowThisNews, a news startup, is harnessing the power of the “of the moment” apps. They’re using Snapchat to disperse the news. We kind of feel like this is so brilliant it goes past brilliant into horrible and almost becomes brilliant again. Judge for yourself.

Your Twitter feed is about to get a lot more chatty. Taking a cue from Facebook’s recent changes, Twitter is experimenting with a change that will start pushing other people’s “favs” into your news stream as retweets. We suspect they’re considering phasing out the fav button. Given Facebook’s troubled changes lately, we’re also not sure if following their lead is altogether a well-advised idea.

In other Twitter news this week, every geotagged Tweet using the #Ferguson hashtag was collected and put on a map in real time. THIS is what viral news looks like. Rather akin to a nuclear war played out on the internet. This is the state of media in the 21st century and it is fascinating.


If you’re still kind of sad you never got that Captain Midnight secret decoder ring, we’ve got an app for that. Knit lets you and your friends share secret messages, scavenger hunt style, in public places. (iOS only)

Tired of looking at the Tupperware of mystery leftovers or wondering if you can eat that chicken without a side of botulism? The Fridge app lets you keep a tally of what’s in your kitchen and how long you have left to eat it. (iOS only)

We’re going to cop to a pet peeve. We hate when we see an incorrectly capitalized title. Like nails on a chalkboard, really. Who capitalizes a non-leading article like “a” or “the”? This web app lets you type in a title and applies the correct capitalization rules. Trust us. Let’s band together to make social media teasers grammatically correct. Change begins with us!  (web app)


What if Michael Bay directed “Up”? Spoiler: ALL OF THE EXPLOSIONS.

pear baby

You can buy pears shaped like babies in China. Pear babies have the most tender flesh. And now we’ve lost our appetites.

Aphex Twin announced their new album on the Deep Web. That’s more underground than underground.

Did we miss your favorite tidbit from the week? Let us know! Until then, catch you next time.

Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 31

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Happy Friday and welcome to SpryHive. Hope you’re ready for a heavy hitting weekly roundup. We’ve got something for everyone – developers, marketers, and designers. Plus, a bunch of shiny distractions to appease even the pickiest of internet connoisseurs.

Plus, goats.

They’re so hot right now. Goats.

Quick Hits of Shiny Things

Get Point is a Chrome extension that lets you annotate websites in real time and share your notes with collaborators. Highlight sections and make notes much more conveniently than emailing an article.

Seamlessly integrate your phone or tablet with your desktop with AirDroid.  Send text messages from your computer (full keyboard, natch) and access all your photos and files from your mobile device on your desktop with a couple clicks. Easy, peasy. Obviously, this is only for Android mobile devices.

If you’re on the market for a new survey tool, we checked out Wedgies and it did not disappoint. Sleeker than competitors, it has complete social media integration and allows you to easily integrate polls in to your existing content to increase audience engagement.

Most of the office at Spry Digital consists of NPR junkies, so this next app got us a bit excited. Completely personalize your NPR fixation with the NPR One app. You get to curate the content from national or local stations, all in one custom playlist on your phone. Never miss your shows again.

Finally, we’re already drooling over the TouchPico projector. A pocket-sized projector is cool in and of itself. If that same teeny projector can turn any presentation into an interactive, touchscreen multimedia event? Count us in. It turns any Android app into a 80″ projected image and makes it a touchscreen with the infrared stylus. Think of it as a smart board at a fraction of the cost. We promise we won’t just use it for Fruit Ninja. Probably.


Speaking of neat apps, projects, and tools, the theme for July’s DevOps meet-up was The Great Tool Swap. No, we didn’t trade a trowel for a rake (kinda surprised there wasn’t at least one smartass who tried that), we swapped our favorite tools and tricks to make DevOps life easier for everyone. Check out the compiled list in the Google Group.

Don’t miss out on next month’s festivities. Follow DevOps STL on Twitter and sign up for the Meetups.

Need more awesome tools? Check out IDEO Labs’ most recent dish on the best tech. There’s a little something for every Dev in here, so you’re sure to find at least one thing you’ll dig.

Social Media

Another day, another new social media site that promises to be the next big thing. Check out Mashable’s list of the most likely top ten contenders in the continually crowded market.


Poor Facebook can’t catch a break. Can’t you hear us playing the tiny violin of pity? No? Yeah, neither can we.

This week, Facebook faced some backlash for their announcement that they’re forcing all users to “upgrade” to and install the Facebook Messenger app to get their messages on the go. So what’s the catch (because Facebook always has a catch)? The Messenger app asks for a lot more permissions than most users feel is appropriate. The social media giant is under a lot more scrutiny in recent months and it appears their users are actually reading those terms and conditions before blindly hitting “install”. The distrust, while vocal, is far from universal. You can make a logical case for nearly all of the expanded permissions. The real question is how comfortable are you with a faceless Facebook owning that much of your personal information?

And anyone remember the hullaballoo a couple weeks ago over Facebook’s psychology experiments on users?  OKCupid, an internet dating site, caught some flak this week for a nearly identical tests. Their “Sorry, not sorry” mea culpa really took the cake. Hey, they admit it. They’re just “OK Cupid”. No one said they were “Amazing Cupid”.


LinkedIn announced this week that we’ll be seeing some changes to user profiles soon. The improvements will focus on making the site more of a relationship builder rather than just the digital equivalent of handing out business cards. We’re just waiting for them to make their API a little friendlier and maybe, just maybe, make the site as a whole a little more… productive.


Into typography AND politics? We’ve got the perfect font for you.

We’re thrilled to participate in AIGA St. Louis Design Week this year. Be sure to check out Spry Digital’s profile where we were able to showcase some of our best work. Then sneak a peek at the other featured agencies. See you all September 22-28!


goats, goats, goats!

Did you ever come up with a clever ditty but think, “You know, this needs more goat”? We’ve got you covered.

Kittehs iiiiiin spaaaaaaaaace! Cosmic Kitty Pop, a pretty fun new mobile game app from a local women-run game shop.

Better living through math: the perfect way to slice a bagel.

Even the most frustrating day is improved with a PhotoShop adventure with Leo and a water gun. We know how happy Nerf guns make us around the office, so this is pretty brilliant.

PHEW! That’s a SpryHive that oughtta tide you over until next week. Until then, have a great weekend and we’ll catch you on the flip side.


Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 18

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It’s that time of the week again! Happy Friday!  Did you catch our latest blog post from one of our newest hires? Phil wrote a great piece about SVGs that you don’t want to miss.

For now, we’re celebrating Derby Day early this afternoon with some mint juleps and silly hats. Enjoy yours in good health while you peruse the SpryHive links of the week!

  1. Massive changes are coming to Foursquare. Or should we say, Swarm?
  2. Snapchat adds video and chat features to it’s latest update.
  3. Try before you buy: Facebook now allows anonymous log-ins to see what permissions you want to give applications before you add them.
  4. It’s about time Buzzfeed and Upworthy had some sarcastic competition. The Onion is throwing their hat in the ring.
  5. How Dodo massively grew it’s audience without hiring a developer.
  6. Looking for a CMS for ecommerce? This article provides a roundup of three popular ones: Magento, WordPress and Drupal.
  7. Code is messy and that’s ok.
  8. Bourbon’s great in your glass, but it’s also a great SASS mixin library. We like it neat.
  9. If you get hung up on kerning, this CSS add-on might make you happy.
  10. A sleek and simple guide to responsive design.

So, check-in while you still can and see if you can hang on to that mayorship. We’ll be back next week for more nimble designs and hot links. Have a great weekend!

Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 12

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Happy Friday! Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but could it be that the winter that wouldn’t quit actually… quit? Maybe it got the memo that even the calendar says it’s spring.

It’s no secret that we dig Drupal, so when there were rumblings of the region’s first Drupal conference, you had to know we’d be in on that. This week Spry announced our sponsorship of the first DrupalCamp STL.  There’s a ton of awesome info, tips, hacks, and more in store. Get the full details.

On to the links!

  1. Looking for the perfect typographical mate? Make a Type Connection. Chuck Woolery does not appear to be involved. So far it’s just for fonts, but can matching people based on font preferences be that far behind?
  2. The pressure to be a “rockstar” programmer can be overwhelming, so take our suggestion and spend some time outside of the code this weekend.
  3. Looking for a customizable text editor but don’t want to deal with config files? Meet Atom.
  4. You’ve heard of Ladies Who Lunch? What about Ladies Who Linux? Say hello to the powerhouse ladies behind open source programming.
  5. Are you a Sublime Text user who thinks best visually? Install this tool that allows you to see your CSS colors in the gutter.
  6. Have trouble not checking Twitter or email for more than 20 minutes? Obsessed with your Fitbit? Could be worse – you could be this guy.
  7. In case you were wondering what your city might look like after the inevitable zombie apocalypse, here you go.
  8. Think you’re a master of text shorthand? Test your online and tech acronym IQ.

That’ll do it for us this week. Have a lovely weekend. Hit up a Fish Fry and soak up some sun.

Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 4

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Where did January go?! It was a blur of being bundled up from the frigid temperatures and popping Vitamin C supplements to fend off the various strains of plague that have been bouncing around town. We’re wrapping up the first month of 2014 and looking forward to February and warmer temps!  But we get ahead of ourselves.  Here’s what we chatted about this week:

  1. The Beatles of typography are breaking up.
  2. Google Ventures has created a digital library with everything for entrepreneurs. Pull up a seat.
  3. A great article from Forbes showing how cities can rewrite their brand narratives. St. Louis makes an appearance as a tech hub!
  4. ICYMI: Facebook released it’s data on what makes a viral post. The science of how memes spread on Facebook.
  5. A beautiful, hand-drawn font project.
  6. Drupal camp 2014 in STL this April. Get in early.
  7. Gamification is quickly becoming de rigeur for everything. Even developers. Learn to code while in gameplay.
  8. Two states didn’t have a single girl take the AP computer science test. How can we get more young women in tech?
  9. Quick hit of delicious code: A different approach to vertically aligning content in a div.
  10. Learn and explore GitHub via Google.
  11. This clever Kickstarter gadget will allow you to capture any color from your environment and immediately see the corresponding paint and design colors.
  12. Building a Customer Management App Using AngularJS and Laravel.

Stay warm out there!

Spry Hive Week 12: A Spring Classic

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It’s time again for that sugary jolt of sweet things found on the web. Stuff your mouf full of Peeps and enjoy.

  1. Works every time. [Link]
  2. Turn any site into a maze that you can navigate with your phone. [Chrome Maze]
  3. Drag and drop grids are neato. There’s a jQuery plugin for that: [Gridster.js]
  4. Lou Ferrigno gives his body 110%, should you? Actually, an article about font sizes in a responsive world: [Link]
  5. The future of Firefox.
  6. Don’t look at this if you have a font addiction. You will want them all. [Link]
  7. Because everybody wants to create their own Mailchimp: [Sendy.co]
  8. Look, none of us are getting any younger. [Star Wars Episode VII Conceptual Poster]