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Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 3

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We can’t believe January is half over already.  2014 is already amazing, huge, and knocking it out of the park! We’re all really excited to see where this new year takes us.  This week’s SpryHive covers troubleshooting and some intriguing tidbits for entrepreneurs, as well as the usual delightfully strange.

  1. ICYMI: Troubleshooting Facebook’s plugin for WordPress.
  2. The shiniest monitor for programmers.
  3. A couple Chrome apps to made dev life easier, one for jQuery Audits and one for APIs.
  4. You, too, can be  “z0MG 1337 h4x0rz” just like Hollywood super spies! Mission TOTALLY Possible.
  5. Trick for making idiot proof interfaces? Imagine the user is drunk.
  6. Google’s teaming up with automakers to bring Android to your next car.
  7. How Facebook’s “Pay to Play” strategy hurts your marketing efforts.
  8. Everyone starts somewhere. What entrepreneurs do differently.
  9. Startups benefit from employee engagement more than anyone. Invest up front.
  10. A helpful command line interface for WordPress
  11. Some of Google’s best Easter Eggs.

Hope these help! If you find something particularly useful, please let us know in the comments.



Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 2

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First full work week of 2014 is over. We survived the cold and snow unscathed – no broken bones or pipes – and we are grateful. But we are a little sad we didn’t get out to Art Hill to take full advantage. Better luck next Poehler Vortex.

On to the delicious links! Perfect for breakfast or any time of day. Now with more maple flavor  to go with your snowstorm French Toast.

  1. Spry is hiring a Front-End Web Developer.  Check out the details.
  2. Won’t you be our neighbor? The space next door to the Spry offices is for lease. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  3. There were some pretty heinous branding mistakes to come out of 2013 (none of them in STL!) What can we learn?
  4. More than 300 sharks in Australia are using Twitter now. Yeah, seriously.  Sharks. On Twitter.
  5. Easy peasy way to learn GIT.
  6. Why you should learn to run a server before you learn to write code.
  7. While we’re on the subject, here’s a Drupal 8 Configuration Management walk through. Fix those modules.
  8. A lot of us are members of the Steam gaming community. But did you know that their parent company, Valve, doesn’t have a boss? How does that work?
  9. Have you been following CES this year? Check out some of the best gadgets.
  10. Apple’s moving in to Google’s location territory. How iBeacons can revolutionize location-based marketing.



Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 1

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Take a second and marvel in the wonder that is the first SpryHive post of 2014! Isn’t it shiny? It’s still got that new blog smell – like Cheetos and coffee.

Moving on.

Code, code, code! This week’s linkfest has everything from jobs and classes, an excellent podcast, to a dance war between Sherlock and Loki. Li’l somethin’ for everyone, if we do say so.

  1. Spry is hiring a Front-End Web Developer.  We’re pretty stoked – you should be too. Check out the details.
  2. If you overindulged this past holiday week, keep this hangover remedy guide in your back pocket for next time. There’s always a next time.
  3. 50+ awesome tools for web devs courtesy of Pencil Scoop – an impressive list with some lovely add-ins.
  4. Curious about coding? LaunchCode will be offering free, in-person classes in St. Louis starting this month.
  5. Along that vein, ICYMI: a fantastic podcast about women in coding with Skillcrush.
  6. Why you’d never want LOLCATS writing code: LOLCODE. On second thought, maybe you do, because now it supports DOGE! Such code, so wow. Many web.
  7. How to work with PMs: A Cheat Sheet for Designers. An excellent read.
  8. As promised, three minutes of a Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbach dance-off. It’s no Zoolander walk-off, but it’s close.

That’s it for this week! Catch you on the flipside.

Dispatch From The Spry Hive: Week 19

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We here at Spry Digital have been busy prepping our new offices and website, but we still found some time to share some fresh links for this edition of the Spry Hive (lovingly selected by our staff). Eat it up!

  1. The Onion does a service to all and explains how they were hacked by the SEA. [How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion]
  2. … On another note, Onion developers contribute one of the most useful scripts ever. [fartscroll.js]
  3. Test user clicks on a mobile phone. Another helpful app from the Zurb team. [Plunk]
  4. Bing delivers five times as many infected sites as Google. [Link]
  5. A new front-end framework based on Twitter Bootstrap, but different (thanks fak3r). [Geo for Bootstrap]
  6. You want to learn JavaScript the easy way? One of the most fantastically commonsensical online books we’ve seen, with coding and testing built right into the chapters. [Eloquent JavaScript]
  7. Web comic xkcd is building something (a new frame published every half hour). Here’s a link to the time-lapse. [Link]
  8. A sneaky peek of our new offices in the historic Gate District. [Preview]


Spry Hive Week 12: A Spring Classic

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It’s time again for that sugary jolt of sweet things found on the web. Stuff your mouf full of Peeps and enjoy.

  1. Works every time. [Link]
  2. Turn any site into a maze that you can navigate with your phone. [Chrome Maze]
  3. Drag and drop grids are neato. There’s a jQuery plugin for that: [Gridster.js]
  4. Lou Ferrigno gives his body 110%, should you? Actually, an article about font sizes in a responsive world: [Link]
  5. The future of Firefox.
  6. Don’t look at this if you have a font addiction. You will want them all. [Link]
  7. Because everybody wants to create their own Mailchimp: [Sendy.co]
  8. Look, none of us are getting any younger. [Star Wars Episode VII Conceptual Poster]


Dispatch from the Spry Hive: Week 10

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Back with a dose of splendiferous finds… Here’s what our staff have been talking about this week:

  1. Octodex, need we say more?
  2. The good folks at Thoughtbot have created professional grade learning tracks for web design and development: Learn
  3. The next best thing to working remotely (caffeine buzz not provided): Coffivity
  4. Good read for any web development team: Making Front-end Development a Team Sport (via Happy Cog)
  5. Sprechen sie Deutsch? Learn German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and English with your friends with Duolingo.
  6. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a shortage of developers. Code.org is on a mission to teach kids how to code.
  7. Raspberry Pi, because cycling and projections go hand-in-hand.
  8. Want to build a mobile app? Appcropolis can help.