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Dispatches from the SpryHive 2014: Week 15

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Happy birthday week to us! This week we were thrilled to celebrate Spry Digital’s fourth birthday. Or is it anniversary? Birthiversary? Either way, we totally had cake (and the cake was not a lie). And beer. It was delicious. We’re looking forward to what the next four plus years will bring. It’s been a wild ride. 

Up next, the links!

  1. If you’re looking to improve your writing style, the Hemingway app might prove useful.
  2. The New York Times takes on one perspective of the culture that’s keeping many women out of technology.
  3. New top level domains are being made available if you can afford it. The Wild West of what’s after .com, .gov, and .edu.
  4. Most of the team at Spry are Game of Thrones fans, so Hootsuite’s new promo made us LOL.  But then this mash up had us ROFL.
  5. Speaking of goats, have you seen Goat Simulator? Be the goat. Blow things up. Bad goat.
  6. If you’re interested in protecting yourself online, here’s a handy Chrome extension that may help detect if a website’s been compromised by Heartbleed.
  7. A really popular Android anti-virus app has been outed as a fraud.


That’ll do it for this week.  Have fun and stay out of trouble (or at least don’t make more trouble than you can handle).  

Spry Hive Week 12: A Spring Classic

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It’s time again for that sugary jolt of sweet things found on the web. Stuff your mouf full of Peeps and enjoy.

  1. Works every time. [Link]
  2. Turn any site into a maze that you can navigate with your phone. [Chrome Maze]
  3. Drag and drop grids are neato. There’s a jQuery plugin for that: [Gridster.js]
  4. Lou Ferrigno gives his body 110%, should you? Actually, an article about font sizes in a responsive world: [Link]
  5. The future of Firefox.
  6. Don’t look at this if you have a font addiction. You will want them all. [Link]
  7. Because everybody wants to create their own Mailchimp: [Sendy.co]
  8. Look, none of us are getting any younger. [Star Wars Episode VII Conceptual Poster]