Welcome Spry Web Developer, Phil Ecker!

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Spry Digital welcomes Phil Ecker, as our new Front-End Developer. He’s a pretty rad dude, who definitely hearts technology. He is always exploring new trends in web development, to find new ways to make cool stuff on the interwebs.

Outside of work he’s not much different, although he does enough craft beer and good food. Phil occasionally might tell you to go “Fork Yourself” but don’t worry it’s only because he’s a huge fan of Git.

Team Player Stats:

  • Sign: $
  • Power Animal: Mongoose
  • Personality Type:  A
  • Geeks out with: My Co-workers
  • Known for: “Winning”
  • Signature style:  Jeans + T-shirt + Hoodie
  • Collector of: Foursquare Badges
  • Favorite bands: Capital Cities, Bag Raiders, M83, The Black Keys, The White Stripes
  • Talks a lot about: Git
  • Famous last words: Go Fork Yourself!
  • Guilty pleasure: Salted Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • mp3, CD, vinyl? Pandora

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