Congratulations to the 2014 Arch Grants Entrepreneurs!

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We’re proud of our city. Just ten years ago, St. Louis was criticized by the Council on Competitiveness for “the lack of a fully supportive entrepreneurial culture”.  Many people here took that as a wake up call and decided to do something about it.

A decade later, St. Louis is rapidly gaining a reputation as a city that is conducive to technology startups and supportive of entrepreneurial endeavors.




Today, we want to celebrate and recognize a new batch of entrepreneurs, many of whom are from our region. Local organization, Arch Grants, announced their list of 2014 award winners this morning. Each recipient was selected for an innovative idea that showed promise for business success and real-world benefit – especially for the St. Louis metro area. Out of state recipients are expected to move their business to the St. Louis region as part of their Arch Grants award.

2014’s Arch Grants award class includes:

  • Artifox
  • BetaVersity
  • Blue Line Security Solutions
  • Cast
  • CoMo Medical
  • Dabble
  • Ephecom
  • FreightGrid
  • Greetabl
  • Hyde Expedition
  • Jolt Sensors
  • Less Annoying CRM*
  • Lifepack**
  • Made for Freedom
  • Meter Genius
  • Nanopore Diagnostics
  • Prattle Analytics
  • Tallyfy
  • Tuloko
  • Wondermento

* Peabody Energy Arch Grants winner
** Monsanto Arch Grants winner

While we always know there is room to grow, we are both impressed and inspired by the changes we’ve seen in the last decade. Spry Digital has always believed St. Louis was a great city with brilliant talent. We’re thrilled to be a part of St. Louis’ entrepreneurial Renaissance. In our four years in business, we’ve seen the support of our hometown every day.

Let’s keep our city humming with innovation. Stay fearless and hungry for improvement.

From one entrepreneur to another, our hat’s off to you. Be amazing.

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