AIGA Student Conference: Prepped & Ready

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The AIGA Student Conference, held this past Saturday at Maryville University, was great fun. We reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones.

Speakers: Liz Danzico shared some insightful ideas on the present and future of user experience design. Jennifer Daniel shared her work and process with her inspiring sense of humor.

I was a reviewer at the Group and Individual Portfolio Exhibitions for Seniors and I was impressed by the overall wealth of young talent that I saw from the attending students. The quality of work is a credit not only to the talented students but also the quality curriculum they are enrolled in.

aiga conference photo

It was great to see such a diverse and large group of professionals donating their time to guide and support students in preparing for their future careers in design. I don’t know about anyone else but by the end, I was exhausted.

I called it the speed-dating of portfolio reviews. The individual reviews were 20 minutes each. A student sits with you, presents his/her work, you offer feedback until time is up. As someone who always has a lot to say, 20 minutes goes by too fast. Before you know it, the bell rings and the participants move on to the next date.

Comparing notes, my colleagues and I noticed this consistent feedback being given. Student portfolios ended with the strongest piece but started with weaker ones. In any presentation, you want to start strong and end strong. If you have 3 samples, my advice is always to start with your 2nd favorite, then your 3rd and end with your best. In a time sensitive situation, skip the middle and go right to the end.

No matter how brief, I hope that all my advice was relevant and helpful to each student I met this weekend. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and good luck.

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