Make A Difference On #GIVINGTUESDAY

Posted by Ken Moire & filed under Events.

As we return from a holiday where we gave thanks and expressed our gratitude to others, today we embark on another day to show our generous spirit… this time not in saying thanks, but in giving back. #GivingTuesday is a global initiative to make the world a better place through the action of giving. Giving in the form of volunteering, helping a neighbor or donating to a charity.

Every year following Thanksgiving (and the double shot of Black Friday and Cyber Monday), #GivingTuesday aims to bring some attention during the bustling giving season back to the organizations that need it the most: nonprofits. Nonprofits have always been close to our hearts. Providing digital solutions to nonprofits is one of the reasons we formed Spry Digital and developed OpenDonor, a product that helps nonprofits track their fundraising efforts and streamline their activities.


Assuming that you survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we encourage you to reach out to a cause that is close to your heart and give today in the form of volunteering or a gift. To get you in the giving mood, there’s a slew of activities and virtual meetups happening all over Twitter. You can learn all about today’s events at

When you give, don’t forget to share with others how you helped today with the hashtag #GivingTuesday on Twitter and let us know in the comments below. The world is a better place when people come together for good.

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